iMT -NASA Intaracity Airborne Transportation Concept Challenge


Barmak Heshmat

Have some cool ideas on flying cars and electric planes? This is your chance to turn heads at NASA!

The Imaginarium of Technology have come together with NASA cross industry innovation summit to find the best, and brightest and the most beautifully illustrated ideas for intracity airborne transportation. While the ideas can be slightly futuristic they need to be engineeringly valid and not too far-fetched. The ideas should have the intellectual value and a sense of applicability. The topics are rather broad but some topics of interest are centered around 5 core areas:

1.Specifics of the vehicles (new engine design, new battery design, new way to fly better, lighter, longer, faster)
2.New modalities of flight (the way these vehicles service passengers)
3.Flight experience (interior design of such airborne vehicles,etc.)
4.Intracity flight infrastructure (where and how these airborne vehicles take off and land and how they will be integrated with internet and existing lifestyle or existing companies)
5. New applications (what else can you do with flying cars other than carrying people and goods around.)
Keep asking yourself; if you had the capability of flying in the city what would you do and how would you incorporate that to different challenges we have today. Be creative but practical; have in mind that the idea of flying car does not make much engineering sense so try to stick to passenger carrying drones, planes or other flying vehicles. The submissions are judged by a set of judges from art; industry; and academia, therefore; artistic and intellectual depth are both recommended. If you lack one of the sides make sure to team up with an engineer or an artist. (The teams cannot be more than two people)

The winners
The winning illustrations and their artists and ideators will be announced and featured in NASA cross industry innovation summit and the Imaginarium of Technology. This event is an exceptionally high profile event where organizations and institutions such as Google, MIT, NASA, etc. are present at executive level.
The top three entries will also be awarded recognition gifts by the Imaginarium of Technology.

Panel of Judges,
Omar Hatamleh, Chief Innovation Officer, NASA Johnson space center,
Barmak Heshmat, CEO of Imaginarium of Technology, Research Scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Rodrigo Galdino, Senior automotive and concept designer at Audi design center.

Submission deadline is 11:59 pm 10th Nov 2017
Submission link coming soon to
Have your concepts ready!
Submission template is as attached (