Improoving Rigs, including ones from TSM2


Hi, Ive been animating a cartoonish character (you might have seen my thread in the General forums). by the way, i use maya 7

Ive been having a hard time animating with a rig made by The Setup Machine 2, but its a bit time consuming handling each curve and every options inside them, I also had problems with an arm moving in a mirror fashion making the group selection of hips,feet and hands a bit slow because i had one curve moving in the oposite way when translating them for posing.

So i have a couple of questions on improoving rigs (or improoving TSM2 rigs).

1.-Deleted this one since im no longer intersted in a FBIK solution for TSM2

2.-How can I PIN/unPIN a body part or a curve (hands and feet) in place?

3.-How can I change from IK to FK without loosing the pose in TSM2?

4.-Can i add a ball into the elbow and knee joints, and change the pole vector from the arrows to the ball but keeping the ball in the place of the joint so its part of the skeleton?
(that way is easyer to animate the rotation of the legs by moving the ball and the ball keeps its place… think about the joints in Motion Builder)

4B.-or how can i make a ball keep its place on the elbow joint when it moves, but if i move the bal the elbow rotates or moves with it?


I hope my answer isn’t too far from what you’re looking for, as I don’t know the TSM2 rig you’re using, but it sounds like you’re looking for a full body IK rig. Does anyone know if there are good FBIK rigs available online?


I have not tested this though.


Buexe: Thanks for that link. I tested the rig and works great… though i changed my mind and prefer the TSM2 rig without a Full body IK.

But im still interested in answers for my questions 2, 3 and 4.


You can change a limb in TSM2 from FK to IK without changing the pose using the FK IK Switch command in the TSM Controls menu. That’s essentially the same thing as pinning and unpinning.

It’s actually impossible, using Maya’s current tools, to create a control that both controls an elbow’s direction and tracks its position (except through FBIK, which uses a completely different IK system then the rest of Maya). The reason is that this would create a circular connection, in which object A controls object B which is also controlled by object A, creating an infinit loop that can’t be evaluated.



4/4b. I dont use maya, but I think… that’s what I do in rigs, but in 3dsmax, still trying to improve it(beta)

moving the red dots, rotates the legs, and the dots always stays in place, there are other helpers in the knee that rotate the leg at the same time they are moved or rotated, but are hidden in this image


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