Impossible to cache dynamics animation... What other way than to use cache tab or Bake command in timeline please?


The tilte says everything :slight_smile:


If Cache tab and Bake Objects in Timeline don’t work for you, try Bake as Alembic or export as FBX.


Hi Drew, thank you for your tip but as far as i have tested those options i found some problems about textures…

FBX animation seems well baked but without linked and also assigned textures… it is realy big problem :frowning: But i tried to reassigned them and it worked so… but is it normal workarround that they do not keep them on it?

ABC animation seems to be well baked as well but with the same problem about loosing all assigned texture even to each object, they all are need to be reassigned, it is big problem. Is it normal, couldn’t be somehow set it up in the export somehow? Thank you

This is very first time i am forced to use alembic or FBX export to bake animation to use it in bigger scene together…


One question I do have: when you say cache and bake command don’t work, are doing both caching and then also baking keyframes? It sounds like maybe you are only each one separately and didn’t get the result you wanted.

With FBX and Alembic, textures can be “quirky” with export/reimports, but should work. Generally, FBX is better at it than Alembic. It can be important to ensure you haven’t used textures stored in several locations and instead try and keep them in a child directory to your actual file called tex.

An alternative is to use Bake Textures. I found an article that explains this method for FBX:

As you’ve stated though, generally all you need to do is simply relink them, so no big deal.


I did just first caching and then i check the result up, even the result didn’t look good, it was not simply cached well… Or it was but after baking into keyframes it wasn’t good. So it really was beheaving strangelly…

Thank you Drew Kerr for your reply, but my problem about textures was that there weren’t any materials in material manager in C4D, so just one material and i had to copy / paste all material to alembic / FBX once again, not so big deal about not so much complicated objects but otherwise it is extra work :frowning: