Importons and Irradiance Particles


mmh… the working workflows are only those I wrote above.
you can’t use IP with FG.



i can render FG + IP, but the result is like if i only use FG.


if you want i can share the scene.


you CAN because mr is switching OFF the IP for you. :wink:
I higly encourage you to test with a simpler scene, step by step.



ok max, i will try it step by step.



FG+IP = FG :stuck_out_tongue: no way to use it together
i had many crashes changing the IP depth, try with 0 depth (IP detph!) and see if it work
i can share a working scene tonight if you can’t find a solution


thankx dagon and max, i have created a single scene and now it works fine.


hi max, i’ve find the crash.

you can’t use IP and BSP2 in the same render, but you can get some similar to IP ussing only importones if you use BSP2



yup, I forgot to tell you to not use bsp2 when dealing with IP, for the moment.



Hi Max, thanks so much for the new ghost shader! After seeing the new possibilties I also needed to try some things out! So far I really like the solutions achieved by using importons + ip! Here are my test:

Importons: density 0.8; emitted 18.000; size 64; depth 4
IP: rays 1000; passes 2; int.points 600

These were the settings I was most happy with! Rendertime was 7:30 on my quad machine. I used mia_material with AO on. As dagon mentioned before, using the AO ColorBleed option leeds to really long rendertimes. Any idea why this is the case?

Im also impressed with the look and performance of the uninterpolated BruteForce mode of IPs.

Rendertime on this one was about 10 minutes! I really like the look of the bruteForce image. Would really like to achieve the same quality with interpolated settings (with less noise of course! :wink: ). Any hints on how to tweak the settings to get to a similar result?

What do you guys think? Any crits or hints are most welcome!

Thanks again for that shader.


Hi, just curious:

  1. are you using just an area light above the opening as light source?
  2. could you post a 3dsmax compatible file of this teapots scene?


yeah, Im using one area light with a portalLight lightshader and exposure_photographic for the tonemapping part.

I made an obj scene out of it! I think this scenes originally comes from dagon and I hope he is ok with that!

download it here

hope this helps



thanks a lot!


oh my god, how could I miss this wonderful topic. Wonderful shader,, Thanks alot for your sharing. :beer:

I cant wait to test any more, seems too interesting, I never try Imp and IP before, but your test really bump me up.

And sorry to spoil your thread, but any chance for us to have a new version of ctrl.buffer, or just a recompile of it for 64 bit, that will be very great great help :wip:


hey max,

I wonder what your settings were for the classroom scene! I also try to get a good result, but to get all the details I always end up raising the number of importons really high (around 100.000) to get the details and get rid of light leaking under the windows. I also need to raise the IP rays to high numbers, otherwise my image always looks blochy and Im having long rendertimes. What settings did you use?



well that took a while in fact. as I reported in another thread I had to shot half a milion importons with 1280 rays for ip. :slight_smile:
but this one is the same with interpolation and beside the first frame importons generation the others took around 4/5mins, don’t remember the setting however, I’ll have a look tonight.



oh, this is not my scene, it was a maxwell test, one on the first test in the vray-like thread :wink:
anyway great test, very maxwell-like :wink:


Hey guys thius thread is really great !

it seems that at last we can have really grat pictures with this lst MR release I was waiting this for a lot of time :buttrock:

Max, can we please :love: have a linux compile ?

don’t wanna switch to win :stuck_out_tongue: hehe



I upped a 3dsmax2009 version. See first lines in the description.txt to get a clue on how to install it.



thanx max, a 64bit version for 3ds?


ouch, sorry, I added it now.


ps: uh, I forgot that I’m using the mr geoshader object compiled by dave( so I think we have to wait for a 64bit version of that also.