Importing scenes from Lightwave 8 to Lighwave 7


Is there a plugin that allows scenes made in Lighwave 8 to be opened in Lightwave 7? I bought a book “Lighwave 3d 8 Texturing” and now I can’t open scenes, I wondered if there was a way to do it.


Can’t help you there d7man2000. I haven’t had any problems as yet with opening Lightwave8 scenes in Lightwave7.5c
It’s all been fine for me.

Is anyone else having d7man2000 problem or have I been lucky?

d7man2000 is your Lightwave version 7, or have you updated to 7.5 or 7.5c?


Hey d7man2000, were you the guy who emailed me earlier? I just replied to your mail… you shouldn’t have any problems opening the scenes because LightWave scenes and objects are fully backwards compatible. I have never heard of anyone having this problem…


in studio we have 3 license, two lw 8 and ones 7.5c, but haven’t problem to exchange data between different version, only error you could notice is that when you load scene from 7.5 version, lightwave open an error panel where it tell you that it not find some plugin, which is lw8 only, like new scene editor, and some other.

p.s. to be honest i found another problem, if you setup a scene with lw8, and in particular render option, file type saving, sometimes lw 7.5 not find correct saver, but if you save with 7.5 the scene, then select correct file type saver, problem is solved.


Leigh, that is me indeed. I just checked my email and I didn’t receive any email from you.
However, everything is working fine. I don’t know why I couldn’t load scenes before, now it is no problem. I want to say that I like your book very much.
THere is one error I get when I try to load “7.1-mini” scene,
I get the following error:

“No plugin of type MasterHandler found with name .SceneEditorStandardBanks.
Would you like to load it from disk?”

It looks like I don’t have this type of plugin, I think. Is there a way to fix this?

thanks again and congratulations on excelent book.


Hi there, good to hear it’s working now (by the way, I sent my reply email to you at 12pm or so today…).
That Standard Banks plugin is a LightWave 8 program file, but you don’t have to worry about it - as far as I know, it doesn’t do anything :slight_smile: Just say Cancel instead of loading the file, and the scene should then load up without any problems :slight_smile:
Glad you’re enjoying the book! :smiley:


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