Imported .obj in Maya no textures/materials


I imported a .obj model into Maya 2018 Mac and I have the .mtl file that came with it in the same folder as the .obj along with several .jpg, .png. .tx and .tga files the author used for the materials/textures.
The problem is the model in the viewport is just monotone greyscale and none of the materials and texture colors are visible. I have the “textured” button in the shelf turned on.
an anyone sugegst what I might be doign wrong?



There is a script I have used for things like this. It makes linking the textures rather quick. Not sure if it works in 2019.


The .obj format has never and will never apply the textures for you. The .mtl file is useless in Maya, and always has been. OBJ files will come in with UVs and normals, but that’s it.

Just connect the textures in Hypershade. If you’re going to use Maya, you need to learn how to set up shaders anyway. Hypershade is great, take some time to learn it.


Thanks InfernalDarkness for the great information. I did not know that about .obj’s and materials with Maya. But I’m still a noobie and have a lot to learn.

Will folllow your advice. Cheers.