Imported animation on character / my mesh displays wrong angle of final animated mesh



i think i got a simple problem, but i can’t slove it. I created a mesh in 3dmax and imported this mesh to mb2011. The character was characterized and is perfectly editable via control rig.

In next step i imported an bvh of simple straight forward-walking. The reference character was creaded by mb2011 automaticly. This line-character is moving fine, but the angle of the animation is about 45" rotated arround the y-axis to the front-faced mesh.

When i use the Line-character(bvh import) als character-input-source my mesh is moving. But the angle is wrong. My mesh is looking to the side and the legs are moving like side-steps directly through the other mesh-legs.

I tried a lot of things and roteted my mesh and the story animation-angle. But it didnt helped. The movement-direction changed, but the animated character is still movingh to the side.

How can i change the y-angle of the orientation of the mesh or of the bvh animation? I must rotate the character in the final animation so it would look forward and walk worwand and to to the side.

In the screenshoots you can see the animated mesh.

thanks for help.



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