Important petition : connection between the renderqueue and the pictureviewer


WHO : C4D users who have to render many large images

WHAT : a connection between the renderqueue and the pictureviewer (or the return of the old renderbatch)

WHY : If you’re rendering many large images with lots of details, it’s important you’re able to see the progress of the rendering full size,
so you can spot small mistakes (which you may have missed while making previews)
You also want to be able to put renderings in a batch, so you don’t have to start them individually, one after the other.

Since R13 the renderbatch feature was replaced with the (more powerful) renderqueue
but this renderqueue doesn’t give you a realtime 1 on 1 full size preview and doesn’t show the multi passes
because it isn’t connected to the pictureviewer.

SOLUTION : a connection between the renderqueue and the pictureviewer
or the return of the R12 renderbatch

please sign this petition and spread it around the net as much as possible, thanks !
Peter Hoste /


Don’t sign a stupid online petition that Maxon doesn’t give a damn about. Please go here and encourage everyone who wants to support your idea to go there too. There’s a proper method provided by the company, don’t use a stupid online petition site that has nothing to do with the company. What is with the modern generation and thinking that these petition sites make any sort of a difference. Just because some third party has a site with a basic signature support system doesn’t mean it has any influence or relevance.


Yes please.


Thanks Kai for these welcoming words :applause:

First of all i’ve contacted maxon like you suggested about this already 2 years ago.
I’ve contacted several times my local distributor to put this under the attention of maxon,
i’ve asked c4d-colleagues in the arch-viz world the last 2years how they feel about this
and urged them to contact maxon about not having a full size rendering in the new renderqueue
Also my local c4d distributor has suggested to let a plugin dev. build a plugin that makes the connection
sadly (maxon has confirmed this) it’s not easy to connect the pictureviewer with the new renderqueue
(plus i have to pay for the development of a plugin that does something that was in C4D until version R13?!)

Second : 2 weeks ago i got the message from maxon via my local distributor :
“it’s not a much discussed problem with the users and with the beta testers
maxon has given the idea (connection pictureviewer-renderqueue) “once more” to the
but because of the complexity plus the low interest of the users for this problem, it has a very low priority”

Third : this message from maxon got me thinking maybe i’m the only one who wants/needs this?
Does Maxon understand why this is problem? is this only a problem for the arch-viz C4D users?

So to me a ‘stupid’ petition seemed a logical step, of course i encourage everybody to use also the page, the more noise the better!



>Don’t sign a stupid online petition that Maxon doesn’t give a damn about. Please go here > and encourage everyone who wants to support >your idea to go there too.

   I disagree.
   In terms of getting an idea implemented in c4d, in reality , both methods are equally innefective.
   Make idea hourding a public function and I am all for it.Simply submitting ideas to Maxon where they are basicaly never seen again is a waste of your energy.Express your ideas in public,be loud,shout it from the roof tops and you can still send it to Maxon.At least people will see and hear that energy, rather than it simply being registered in a void.That doesnt make it any more likely to get implemented, but at least you then have a voice,you are on the radar and there is something to talk about. 

   It is ALL about ideas.the rest is easy.


A vote on such a petition is worth as much as a like or +1 on Facebook or Google + , not much. A personal written comment directed directly to the company and people developing the product will be recognized as something much more important to the person. If the propper channel is used this makes it very easy for the recipient to get an overview on what is realy wanted how much.
A Vote, Like or +1 is very coarse, people usually differ quite a lot about how exactly they want something to work. Only beeing able to agree to someone elses idea on how something should work isn’t sufficent in most cases.
Contrary to what some people say or believe, the suggestions send to Maxon are actually read by real people, people in a position to do something with that information.



Thanks Paul for the support !

Bjorn i understand this petition is not the way to do it,
but read my post above that explains why i started this petition.

a full preview with all the multipasses in batch/queue is essential for some users
it’s not a new feature it was deleted from the software!


yes this would be a very wanted feature. i know many customers wish it too.



Dear Bjorn,
The problem with simply sending an idea to Maxon, is its probably never gonna be heard of again.This guys story more or less says everything.
The apparent lack of interest you talk of has nothing to do with reality or demand. Its is the direct product of the system being used to value ideas.

My suggestion to anyone with any kind of idea or suggestion is that they ‘first’ discuss it in public, and then send it to Maxon, there is nothing to lose from talking openly about any ideas or suggestions. There are plenty of devs out here that can take any given idea and make it happen.


Even more important is the possibility to resume rendering stills then.


If everyone expects a personal response to suggestions they will be disappointed. This is simply not possible time wise.

Yes, no problem there, on the contrary, i’m much in favour of this since it creates a much more detailed and balanced feedback than any simple voting system can give. This kind of input is what will be looked most at here at Maxon.



Do you have a personal opinion on this Srek and are you able to use any influence in this?

I would think anyone who has had the need for the batch feature would say that they would like to see what is rendering at any given time rather than a ticking clock. If the new system is completely different then perhaps we can have the extra option of the old system just queuing and launching a series of files in the picture viewer?




I don’t get it. Signing a Petition is useless??

A bit more respect for customers would be appreciated.

some of us just unhappy with some changes and express it.
If you want to take it to the team you are free to do so.
Nobody is forcing to do something you/Maxon don’t like…
Maxon makes it choice as We do too…


Discuss the features, come to a consensus and then go tell maxon what you want. Sreks point was essentially that maxon dont spend any time checking petition sites. And that even if the petition site automatically emails maxon with the results, an email with the subject “Your survey results are now available!” is the kind of thing a lot of spam filters would automatically trash.

I should also add, this is only an issue for large slow stills. You can double click the job at any point to load the results into the picture viewer, but it only shows complete frame at the moment, which is the problem Peter is having.


Indeed, i’m talking about 5000/6000pixels A3 300dpi or A2 250dpi with rendertimes 4 to 18hrs
and you are doing 5 to 10 of these images, that’s the kind of jobs we do

you wanna see the progress full size with the multipasses while using the renderqueue
so you can stop the rendering and correct mistakes, sometimes little mistakes you didn’t noticed while doing smaller previews:
a piece of furniture that’s floating 2cm above the floor, a bumpmap that’s inverted, things that take time to correct in photoshop


I don’t realy have an own opinion since my personal Cinema 4D needs are very different from what most customers want out of it. I’m a technician, not an artist.

I would do our customers a disservice if i were to keep silent on what is the best way to make their concerns heard at Maxon.



Currently it is impossible to know if any requests make it or if ‘it was all in the plan anyway’ and that disconnect really kills all that good intention and enthusiasm.

Ok - be positive - what about in each release adding a note to indicate features XYZ were in response to/helped/etc due to user feedback. Not perfect - but a start. (no I don’t want to get into a discussion over pros and cons it was just a thought).


The problem is that it does not work that way. Nearly every feature ever implemented in CINEMA 4D came into existence based on user- and/or betatester feedback. It is simply impossible to trace any such feature back to one or more input given by a person, the process of designing and implementing a feature is way to long and winded to make this possible.
Add to this a certain time lag that can be counted in years sometimes and it realy becomes unwieldy. You would need a complete new level of tracking and management to achieve this. Are you willing to pay extra for that? Would it be worth it?



OK - I did say I didn’t want to etc etc…

sorry edited.


I understand it would be a hard job tracking every new feature to the first user who brought it up on the suggestion page.
But now i’m left in the dark, if maxon gives me a straight answer ‘No this ain’t gonna happen, forget it’, perfect then i can move on.
Maybe i try to test the market for a plugin that solves this, which from what i’ve understood is not an easy (=expensive) task with the new renderqueue
But I’m not gonna put time and money in the development of a plugin if Maxon leaves the question open. i’m not running a big studio who can do this kind things.
AND i’m not really sure it’s possible with R14 to fix this with a plugin!

to set the record straight and avoid miscommunication
I’m not here (or start the petition) to put maxon in a bad day light or damage maxon it’s reputation
and i’m not planning to switch software etc…
i’m just a archi-viz guy who has a problem in his workflow since he bought R12 and he tries to find a solution. end of story

regards, Peter