IMPORTANT - Image Competition Deadline Extension - 19th Jan


Yep. The new deadline is the same for everybody, and everyone’s work that is submitted before the 19th will be accepted for judging. You’ve all been given the free gift of an extra week to refine your work due to our server difficulties, so even though some were able to get it in by the 12th, there will be no preference given to the early entries.


Can you say when the judgements will be announced for the image catagory?


Anyway both video and image deadlines should have been put on the image entry. I thought the whole challenge was on the 3rd of feb. Since I was in China till the 24 jan I I wouldn’t have had a chance even for the 19th of jan deadline. i was hoping to get it done in the week I got back. Oh Well, Guess I will just have to wait dor dominance war. Good luck to all on this challenge.


The dates for both the image and video challenges have been displayed prominently in several places since the beginning.

Judging is ongoing. An announcement will be made when decisions have been reached.


I’ve tried to enter today and wasn’t allowed. Is it too late to start a submission process?


Better stoke that steampunk time machine cos the deadline was three weeks ago :slight_smile: