IMPORTANT - Image Competition Deadline Extension - 19th Jan


As I’m sure you are all aware, we’ve experienced a few technical issues in the past couple of weeks which have made the submission of WIP images and final pieces difficult.

As a result of this, we have decided to push the deadline for the Image Competition back one week to the 19th of January 2009. Pieces must be submitted before midnight (UTC/GMT) on the 19th. Image pieces submitted after midnight will not be accepted.

The Video Challenge deadline has NOT changed. It remains at the 3rd of Feb 2009.

Once again:

Image Submissions - 11.59pm UTC 19th January 2009
Video Submissions - 11.59pm UTC 3rd February 2009

We recommend that you do not leave your submission to the last minute as it can take some time for final submissions to go through.


If we have already submitted a “final image” can we rework this and resubmit?

Edit: I submitted my final exactly 1 minute before this post was made, Doh!


haha… and I JUST submitted my Final Image. I’m wondering the same thing. Can we rework until the next deadline???:arteest:


Yep no problem.


sweeeeet. I appreciate it. I’m sure others do too.:thumbsup:


bless you all!! :love: :bowdown:


that’s good to hear!:smiley: thanks!


sweet! I logged on to see how many hours I had left and it magically became days! just wanted to say thanks


wow… thanks for allowing us to resubmit the final image.


maybe i can try to finish!!!
oh happyness


This is super sweet, now I have time to reinstall my OS so my wacom will work like it sould and have time to finish.
Super great.


great !! thanks:thumbsup:


Yes! That’s good to hear, wohoo. everybody we have given a second chance to make finale touches of our works. :smiley:


Thanks very much! :slight_smile:


Woohoo! The late nights and feeling absolutely knackered all the time can go on for another week :wink:

Seriously - I was getting depressed at the thought of putting so many hours into this and not being able to complete it.

Thanks again.



Thanks a lot!!


Thanks :buttrock: you for late time


Just a reminder, this extension is because we have had server issues. Technically everything should be finished, so don’t try a “but it’s still rendering” after we turn it off :slight_smile:


And another reminder that the cut off time is in UTC. Which means the deadline will vary depending on your location. For example:

UTC: 12 midnight 19th Jan
Hong Kong: 8am 20th Jan
Berlin: 1am 20th Jan
New York: 7pm 19th Jan
Los Angeles: 4pm 19th Jan

Please check this link for the exact time in your area:

The countdown on the Submit Entry Page will give you an idea as well.

The system is programmed to cut off submissions right on the deadline, so there’ll be no sneaking entries past :slight_smile:


Good point. My question is, will the “late submit” affect judging?

I mean, as you mentioned, technically everything should be finished before 12th. For the ones who are still entering their WIP milestones and manage to complete and submit before 19th, will their entries still be valid for judging?