Important - Final Submissions on MacOSX


If you are running a Mac and are having troubles using the ChallengeUploader program to submit your final images, we’ve created a separate version of the tool especially for you, that will hopefully work a little better.

[li]Download ChallengeUploader1.5

[li]Temporarily turn off or disable any firewall software you might be running
[/li][li]Download the ChallengeUpdater1.5
[/li][li]Double click the file to run it - or - use the Terminal to browse to the location where the file is saved, and type [/li]```
java -jar cgscu-1.5.20090112.jar

[li]Insert your CGTalk username and password, fill in the title, description and software fields.
[/li][li]Click Browse and find your final high resolution image.
[/li][li]Click "Upload file" and leave it to upload. 
[/li][li]When you see the message "Upload OK" go to your challenge thread on the CGTalk forums and confirm that your final image is contained in the last post of the thread.

These instructions should help most OSX users to run the uploader. If you find that these instructions still do not work, then please send me an email and I will sort out your final submission for you.


This isn’t specifically for Mac btw - it’ll work on any system that for whatever reason is using JRE5 instead of JRE6.

It’s a back-compile, if you’ve only got 1.4 you’re plain out of luck I’m afraid however.


Finally I could upload my final image with your last directions and Uploader version!
Thanks so much Timothy!

One final question: Among the categories in the list I can find Image: Concept previsualization and Image: Work in Progress. Do I have to upload something there in those categories or only the Final Image?

Thanks again for your help!


Works well! Used it on my Mac to upload a small WIP animatic for my video entry.


It worked really well on my Mac too. :slight_smile: And my Mac is an old one (a 5-year-old G5 running OS X 10.5.5) Thank you!


I see from your thread that you have already submitted each of the milestones required so you should not need to submit them again. I believe that in this case, the uploader was/is only required for submitting your print-resolution version of the Final and once again, I can see it on your challenge page and on your thread. So it looks to me like you have finished


The uploader is only required for large files - there are problems uploading files over around 2mb using http.

Technically, you could use the regular submission page if your file was under 2mb - however print-resolution files should not be that small :slight_smile:


Thank you guys!


I’m having trouble with the uploader. When I try to run it, I get an error message that says “Could not find the main class. Program will exit.”
Anybody else having this problem or know how to solve it?


It looks like you managed to get your final image uploaded. Did you resolve your problem ?


my file is 1.4 mb and file size has nothing to do with print quality. pictures with lager areas of the same color and less fruttle compress better.

I dont have a java engine installed on my computer as its an added security risc. so i uploaded the normal way. Maybe next time make also a diffrence betwwen 2d and 3d images as composing an image in 3d takes far more time as you firs have to build all objects then texture them and light the scene. animating in 2d would take more time in most cases though. :stuck_out_tongue:


You cannot upload the final high resolution image via the online form because it cannot handle the filesize required for the large image. Thats what we have the uploader for. The FTP system is not being used in this challenge, so if you want your final piece to be uploaded you will have to email me your cgtalk username and password, along with your final image and information about the piece and I will upload it for you


hmm, i said it worked for me by running it in windows via vmWare, but didn’t see this post about the changed jar.
So this is an idea for future challenges: how about having these important threads like FAQ’s and submission info in the video part as well? Don’t know if it’s possible, but it would be a quicker way to see new info.
and thanks to all involved for the efforts for the mac users.


We were assuming that people who were entered in the challenge would be checking the Frequently Asked Questions thread regularly, and hence would likely have seen the MacOSX Thread as well.

Your suggestion is noted though. In future we’ll put a redirect or something in the Video Forum so that all announcements are available to both.

As for the updated jar file, this will likely become THE jar file for all future challenges, as it works on all platforms.