IMPORTANT - Final Submission Details


I’ve sent the email.
would you please inform me when you receive it.
Thank you very much


Received and submitted. Good Luck!


i am really sorry
but i am so nervous did u receive the email?


Thank u so much


I have started uploading the final image via CGUploader before the deadline time but at the end I got this message: “Invalid Challenge?”
I’m sure I typed in everything correctly.
I submited a final image on the CG talk about half an hour earlier.
The upload time was quite long and it may have overlapped with the deadline hour : so did I get in?
Please let me know,
Olek Zemplinski


We have a 1600x1600 pixel version. This is the last submission we have from you.

This is fine.


I put a 1600x1600 on through the webpage before - where all the progress was submitted.
But the final 4000x4000 jpeg, that is only 7mb doesn’t won’t go through the Uploader.
I keep getting "Invalid Challenge?. - And it only does after the file is pushed through.
What can I do?


Nothing. The challenge has closed. Thats what “Invalid Challenge” means. But the version we have is large enough for judging so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.


I guess it’s fine. But didn’t you say “you will not ask for larger version later” ?



I try to post my final image with the challenge uploader with vista and nothing works? No message error? I try later with a Windows xp system and now the message invalid challenge appears because the challenge is close. Is this possible to send it back? I’m in Quebec, Canada.


I submited my final image first ( low resolution ) using submit entry from the contest web page and then high res using challenge uploader.
Is it ok to submit low res and after that high res?
I am confused…


If you have submitted your final high res image then thats is all that is required for judging. If you want to submit a lower res version after that you may but there’s not really any reason to.


The uploader was tested on Vista and found to be working so the issue has to be machine related.

Unfortunately we can no longer accept submissions as the system has been locked down.


Thanks Khendar!


Hey Hey
I’v posted a blow-up of my piece under the title of “final image”, using the uploder.
just to make sure, do I have to re-send my final hi-rez file again? do you have the last hi-rez file storage on your server?
I know it might be a stuiped question, but after all the work I’ve put into this challenge, it would be a shame to fall over a thecnhical issue as this.
my thread


You cant upload any more images as the server has been locked down. But we have your final hi resolution image on the server safely.


… that is all I wanted to hear.
Thanks for your support


Sorry, Lior, I didn’t mean to scare you! I thought it was a legitimate concern, glad to know you’re all taken care of! :thumbsup:


i have my image but i dont upload
submission closed??
i remember the close day is 3 febrero


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