IMPORTANT - Final Submission Details


I uploaded my final image with challengeuploader, but it is uploaded many times! How can i deleted unnecessary images and posts? I’m sorry, help me, please.


you can “delete” the image in the posts that you don’t want by edit your post and remove the image within that post. you can’t delete post as far as i know.


Thanks, JackZhang :slight_smile:


Rather sounds like your works firewall is blocking you.


Yeah it sounds like a firewall issue. If you are running a software firewall please try disabling it and uploading again.


is it server dead again? challenge uploader makes no progress on status bar …I canot wait all day for “transfer window” :confused: it’s been a pleasure to take a part in challenge anyways -cheers ,hopefully next time this will work

EDIT: made one more desperate attempt on my already way to bed …and made it complete. Looks like server is too busy due to multiple uploads at the very last moment …


Its working fine. And your final image has already been submitted:


Its possible. That’s why we told everyone not to wait until the last minute :slight_smile: No entries will be accepted after the deadline, not being able to upload is not an excuse as it should really have been done a week ago anyway.


I know the deadlines, Ive been prepareing to meet them since the chellege begun -but…still it is hard to menage if you have tons of other things to do . Last week I get itto it and then meet problems with upload ,so had to skip it and take another work from my schedule not to loseing time -when realised the problems been solved and deadline been extended I wanted to finish this challenge obviously but been already involved in another work. I am not complainng here ,i know it is only myown problems , the time to finish this challenge is long enough , if you have no time- then do not try on it,simple But I think that would be nice to have some backup line or chanel to make your upload in case of troubles . Thanks to beeing here online to listen my moanig anyways :),cheers


I uploaded the final image but I am not sure that everything is ok.How can I check that the submit process is completed?Sorry if it has been answered already somewhere cause I have not much time to check every posts.


Oh I have couple of Final Image.Did I do something wrong?!


hello just uploaded the image via the cguploader,sayd upload ok! but would like to be sure,had some huge bad luck recently!:))) so if any admin could check i would appreciate it!



Yep its fine.


Nope that’s fine.


nothing like leaving it till the last minute… My own fault but would really appreciate help with the uploader it keeps saying the system cant find the file specified. Im running XP with latest version of Java. My final piece is a JPG about 17.8 Mb (too big perhaps) its in my documents cant work out why i keep getting this error. Im biting my nails now…


The size shouldn’t be a problem. If you cant get it to work, email me your final image along with your cgtalk username and password and your description etc and I will send it up for you.


Thanks so much as despite repeated attempts still cant get it to work but sorry what email do I send it to?? Sorry


when the upload states that it is 100%, does it mean the image is uploaded? or it should state that upload is ok?


It should say “Upload OK”

If you cant get it to finish, email me your final image and your cgtalk username and password, and any description etc you want to include and I will upload it for you.


Thanx alot
Please can I have your email?