IMPORTANT - Final Submission Details


Yes you will need to upload the 2000/2830 version. The version that you have uploaded is not large enough for the requirements of the challenge.


Hello khendar,

could you please tell how long the server maintenance will take?
Cant upload anything, or is the contest already over :wink:

Thanks for your answer…

Greets rasher73


Leigh says not to worry about it- they’re aware of the problem and will tell people when the servers are back up. Go make yourself another cup of coffee or-even better!- start planning your next picture!


THX for the information paperclip…

another cup of of coffee, good idea :wink:


another cup of of coffee, good idea :wink:

Always. :smiley:


The server issues should be fingers crossed all resolved now. You should be able to submit your final images without any problems.


[color=Yellow]Hi Thankss for your replay.

I will upload my high res image(2000/2830) through the link :…ngeuploader.jar
that link is ok??
but when I want to upload the image the uploader is not working properly…
so I can’t!!

What can I do??

Surajit Sen
3D Artist



It would be nice if I can upload my wips in the first place, I still can’t submit the updates…:smiley:


I downloaded the upload program and re-updated my java (I had uninstalled it recently because the new version made my website program a “read only”.
The upload program comes up but I cannot access the user name etc and under category I get a long involved link that mentions “maintenance” toward the end of it.
Are we still in a “maintenance mode” on the uploader?
I am always good for going for another cup of coffee. Just wanted to know if I was in the right ball park.
If there are any issues with this uploading and Vista let me know and I can do this on the XP computer.


“The upload program comes up but I cannot access the user name etc and under category I get a long involved link that mentions “maintenance” toward the end of it.”

I am having the same problem.

Any word yet on how to correct?


Yes, I’m from Turkey, I have the same problem and I have no idea. We are a bit late to upload, I think. Service is always busy:(
What will happen to our works:(:(:frowning:


Anybody know why I’m getting the “CGSociety servers are down for maintenance” page when I try to hit the Submit Entry login page to put up my latest update?

It’s been like that for me since last night. I’m a bit annoyed. I’m in Los Angeles CA USA.


This is my problem: this happened in 3 diferent computers., the CGUploader show this:

On a Vista With the last Java,


Ok. Apologies everyone. It seems it wasn’t as fixed as I thought. Please be patient and we’ll try and have it back up an running as soon as possible.


Let’s wait and be patient for the upload. At least we are not alone, we know there are more people out there with the same problem.
I’m sure they’ll fix it. Good luck.

And thank you Timothy for your effort!


i wanted to know if there was a specific size for the thumbnail image that has to be uploaded as well …

thanks :slight_smile:


nwiz25: this is the info.
9. Thumbnail Image File : If you wish you may upload an 80x80px jpeg to be used as a thumbnail for your entry, otherwise this will be created from your image file. The thumbnail file must not be larger than 16 kilobytes.

khendar: Thank you…Don’t worry, Take your time :arteest: that’s great for us!..


So, I just need to know - is the deadline for the Image today 10 th or tomorrow? Non of the challenge info is available atm.



Will I be able to still upload images after the contest is over? OR will I have to use an external image host to upload images? I want to finish the piece when I get the time.


Gunie, I know for sure that the deadline for the image is the 12 th , not sure about the time zone, but we clearly have today to paint away:wise: …but I would also like to have this cleared by the staff…and because we are not even able to update the threads and get the feedback it would be very very nice to move the backline at least for the days we’ve lost with the server problems…and it would also be very very nice to get the informations asap!:slight_smile: