IMPORTANT - Final Submission Details



Okay folks its the news you’ve all been waiting for. We’ve got the final challenge submission details sorted out for you.

To simplify things for everybody we have decided to use the Challenge Uploader to turn in your final submissions. This will eliminate any problems with the FTP set up.

Help on using the ChallengeUploader can be found at the CGUploader page.

Please make sure you download the Uploader from the link below, not from the help page.
When using the Uploader, enter your CGTalk username and password, and then from the Category drop down box, select either Steampunk; Myths and Legends - Image: Final Image or Steampunk; Myths and Legends - Video:Finished Video, depending on which challenge you have entered.

Complete all the fields in the uploader before submitting your file.

Some submission guidelines for you:

Image Guidelines

[li] High Quality (95-100%) RGB JPEG, maximum possible resolution (without upsampling).
[/li][li] Image dimensions should be print resolution (as large as you can possibly render). Do not send in a low-resolution placeholder and ask us to get back to you, as we won’t.
[/li][li] A guideline is 2657 pixels wide and/or 3636 high, 300 DPI.
[/li][li] DO NOT upsample your images to achieve higher resolution. If you cannot reach the desired full-page resolution, just send in what you have.
[/li][li] More information about image size and quality is included in the Challenge Deliverables page

Video Guidelines

[li] Must be encoded in FLV format
[/li][li] Can be in 4:3 (eg 640x480) or 16:9 (eg 640x360) aspect ratio
[/li][li] Submitted via the Challenge Uploader
[/li][li] Information about encoding and tools to use is included in the Challenge Deliverables page

If you have submitted your final piece via the Uploader, but at a lower quality, you can upload your final image again at a higher quality.

More information regarding final submissions can be found at the Submit Final Image page


What about those of us using OSX?

Edit: Never mind. I guess I should read more.


Not all OSX users can run the Uploader. This is a problem that we are unable to resolve without completely rebuilding the program, something we are unwilling to do with a competition deadline looming.

If you are having problems using the Uploader, then you will have to borrow a friends computer to perform the final submission.


You’re right, I still seem to be having problems. I’ll sort it out.


Stupid question…I can’t understand how to use this uploader O_o
I mean, I tried to unzip it, and then?
LOL excuse me for being so dumb :slight_smile: I have no problems with FTP, but this seems over my understanding :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you for help :smiley:

(edit: I have Vista)


There is a link to instructions on how to use the Uploader in the post above. Please read it carefully.


Ah, tyvm, I’m sorry it seems I hadn’t the latest version of java, that’s why :smiley:
Thank you, very kind :slight_smile:


The Deliverables page has this for images:

The final image for the Image category must be in both JPG/PNG (submitted online), and High Quality JPEG formats (submitted by ChallengeUploader, at a print-resolution of no less than 300dpi).

Does this mean the final image must be submitted twice online, JPG and PNG, with size restrictions, since it says “both JPG/PNG”, and then the final large format JPEG through the Uploader?

Sorry if this is a dumb question.


So OS X users are out of luck, huh? Maybe next time you can get a programmer who can program.


You can submit your WIP etc images in JPEG OR PNG format.

The final image we’d prefer in high quality JPEG format.


ok, thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, I already uploaded my final high res image via challegeuploader.

How can I check if it is everything ok?



Can I use watermark(My name,in a small font in any border side) in the final image?
Can I Upload any notes(The theme of my Image) with my final image?

Please inform me…

Surajit Sen


I cant understand how can I install the uploader…I down load the uploader but after unzipped that…files are unsupported file icon…please help me…
Surajit Sen
3D Artist


I submitted my previsualization,working progress…all post in submit entry section…but when I went to upload my final Image then saw there were also these sections(pre-visualization,working progress…etc)
So again Upload my preveious posting here with my final image?

Surajit Sen
3D Artist


So I guess I won’t be uploading my final for consideration (Not that I would have won anyway) I have the latest version of JAVA installed. All my family and friends use Macs. I’ve never had a problem with FTP.

Good luck to those who can.


OR maybe next time you can pick an operating system that isn’t a temperamental bitch to program for ? :slight_smile:


This is the problem with the Uploader when it comes to Mac users.

On some versions of MacOSX, the latest version of Java that you can install is NOT the latest version of Java that exists. We compiled the Uploader for the latest version of Java available on Windows and Linux machines, unfortunately this makes the Uploader incompatible with some MacOSX machines because the latest version of Java does not exist. This is not something that is in our control at this point, it is a limitation of the Java implementation on MacOSX.

If you are on a Mac and still experiencing troubles, shoot me an email and I’ll see if we can come up with a solution for you.


Upload the Java and use Firefox. When you click on he link show an option to open it with Java.


Your entry looks fine to me.