Importance of figure drawing


Throughout the 20 th century, cohesive artistic thought is fragmented by the individual expression. More so, art drawn to the concept more than the close observation of the material and strong technical skills. In simple words, use of traditional, classical figure drawing, not the caricatures, cartoons, or copies of the studio’s characters.
First, let us look at what skills are needed in good animation drawing. At the top of the list is the ability to communicate movement and personality through drawing. By using simple lines, an artist should be able to give a figure a real sense of life and individuality, not just an action pose or stereotypical expression. Next on the list is to be able to draw three dimensionally, to make the characters feel like they are not only individuals, but that they exist in a real world. Since the characters we create and work with are products of our imagination, the animation professional has to be able to draw
from his imagination. Next on the list is the ability to consistently draw the same character using the same forms, proportions and details in the particular style that has been set for the production. As you can see, the list is asking for a high level of skill, and we haven’t even touched on imagination, story telling and inventiveness yet.

any thought?


your weird articulation has confused me as to your overal point, but in what you are saying let me respond with this.

1)Animation does not always require characetrs to be drawn or move in 3D.

2)When I am life drawing for animation, the most important drawings are the 15 second to two minute drawings. These are the ones that establish the pose, intent, and modd without characterization, personalization, relationship, or deatils.

3)And as for keeping characters on model, though your agument is correct, its nothing good flipping and a light table can’t handle:rolleyes:


I agree wholeheartedly with whatever you two just said.


the statement was written by one of the Disney Director.


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