Import GPX and map it to 3D heightmap / Terain


Hy folks,

anyway to import a gpx / kml / kmz to c4d and map it to a terrain depending on the geolocation ?

DEM Earth does it but for a private project I can’t afford a 300€ plugin …

I guess I can import the terrain by extracting a greyscale image of google or other sources, but my searches didn’t find any solution for the GPX track import.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.


Hey mogh,

I did just a quick read, but from what I see this is an xml format. This should be readable with python. It should even be easier if you first convert it to json, which will give a nice dictionary in python. Parsing such a structure is never completely straight forward, but if you are at least a bit into programming it should be doable. There are snippets to be found on google and there are also complete python libraries for that (
And there seems to be some conversion tools out there, but GPX seems to be a bit exotic and not often supported.


Just a quick heads Up .

Blender 2,79 to the rescue: with hgt terain downloader and gpx importer.

Just make sure you import everything in one sceme so the long lat (Koordninates) stay the same.


Can you post a link to the Terrain addons you used please?


Here you go




Much appreciated, thanks mogh.