Implementing videogame style controls for maya using melscript


So I am wondering if this is possible. I want to write a mel script that would allow me to bind custom keys to animation clips and dynamically place them in the trax editor as I play through the timeline, like a video game.

For instance, say I have animation clips of a character jumping and another of him walking a step forward.

I would bind the jump to the up arrow key and walking a step forward to the right arrow key.
I would play the timeline and press up forward forward and down and the trax editor will record the times where I pressed those keys and place the appropriate jump/walk clip at those time slots in the trax editor.

Any idea if something like this could be done with mel?


anything is possible.

sound completly doable there is a joystick server on highend 3D that you can use too.

Would take some coding I would imagine though.


I’m currently trying to learn a bit of mel scripting now, so i have a little pet project while i learn. I’m making a really crappy version of “the incredible machine” only using maya. I have a working prototype for just the basic setup, but I’d like to know how to edit the trax clips using mel so I can make some more complicated interactions. The script editor was very unhelpful in giving a clue as to any commands, and i didnt’ see anything in the documentation or command ref that would help. (although i probably just dont know what I’m really looking for/at)

I have a feeling learning mel is going to be a long, hard road…hopefully rewarding though.


I looked into this a few years back. It can not be done in mel. It has to be written as a plugin.


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