Imogene, Tysus Io (3D)


Title: Imogene
Name: Tysus Io
Country: Canada
Software: CINEMA 4D, Photoshop

Most of my work is illustrative, but I wanted to see what one of my characters would look like with more realistic lighting and skin.


Thats quite amazing. Excellent job.


Beautiful. 4 stars.


The nostrils are a bit too sharp, but the eyes are amazing :slight_smile: i also like her pose and gaze. Beautiful :slight_smile:


Nice character!

I think her lower lip texture is a little too sharp where it blends to chin… same for nostrils.
Forehead looks nice, but hair contour is too flat… too perfect flat.

I like her eyes! they look realy good.



Cool job here… i think anything is Ok but the textures are exagerated too much, around the eyes and her lips for example.3.5 star :slight_smile:


Wow, I like it. Very cool female, quite cute. Love the eyes, the only thing I would say, is that the corner of the lips need some softening and maybe the skin texture needs to smoother. Excellent work though Tysus!



Very nice! But the hair especially at both sides is too flat. Nevertheless i like it a lot! 4.5 stars


Very Very good job…liked the character very much. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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wow!praiseworthy job.I like it .support u.:thumbsup:


The hair, the weak part of most 3d portrets, is simply amazing! No vagueness to make it appear soft or other tricks, just plain highly detailed hair, and it looks great!


I like her eyes :wink:
like lady-cat


Very nice !~I think this textures too much!~


…but I don’t love the hair’s outside edge. It looks too sharp, and with no fibrousness whatsoever. This could be achieved in real life with gel, but even then you’d see some variance instead of a clean (blurred) line…?

Otherwise, the lips just look like they were recently touched up with makeup and I think those lines could be a bit softer, but still look realistic having seen some women who prefer their makeup that way.

Awesome work, though! She’s lovely and exotic.


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