Immortal Throne Heroine- Titan Quest, Barringer Fox III Wingard (3D)


nice model. well deserved Front Page!


:Jaw dropped:

Man, what a kick ass job! Really, really impressive. Congratulations!


wow !! superb quality artwork !

Thanks for sharing with us, it’s very inspiring !



Sick, nice work you guys!!!


really nice work,I love it:love::thumbsup:


Wow, shes beautiful! :smiley:

Five stars!


Yo Bif,
Great as usual. Glad to see your still kickn ass. It’s a huge step up from talking jeeps that’s for sure.


Well done you guys. Yet another CG character to fall in love with … This time literally :smiley: But really. Well done and really nice work especially if your deadline was chopped.


Beautiful renders … my only humble opinion would be the woman’s thumb in the first image … it seems a tad short and bent at an awkard angle.


Very nice work!

crit: her hands seem slightly too small to me.


wow! 5 star from mr too.:bounce:


Ha ha
i like the way you answered
5* star for what i learned from you!
i personally not interested in woman models in this kind of situation but i think it is needed!
wish the best for you nice guy


fantastic man….


wow, she is shining like sun! if i could make something like that probably i would have very much dignity :slight_smile: congratulations very good work.


excellent work ! :thumbsup:


Hot stuff barringer! rock n’ roll


i think it looks great, you have alot of obvious skill. If it wasnt so laughably cheesy i would even rate it. but all these naked warriors are kind of getting old. Im sure she will do just fine in battle as long as no one actually tries to attack her. :wink:


So nice work,her face,body and all of background.5 stars!


Nice modeling work man. CG chicks are always cool to see. Good job.


great stuff., nice work :thumbsup: :thumbsup: