Immortal Throne Heroine- Titan Quest, Barringer Fox III Wingard (3D)


Title: Immortal Throne Heroine- Titan Quest
Name: Barringer Fox III Wingard
Country: United States
Software: 3ds max, Maya, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hello all. This is a character that I modeled for Iron Lore…about, a year ago. Originally, I did the modeling and a little texturing. Jessica Hook was the lead texture artist on this character, and Sergio Sykes, our trusty tech, rigged her up. We ended up needing to cut the deadline short a few days at the request of Iron Lore. This hurt Jess’s schedule the most but she still managed to pull off a beautiful Hr full body nude texture of the character and our Shanghai Team created a color and spec pass for the armor. We then passed the assets over to Iron Lore, who is responsible for the original renders for their promotional adds.
Many months later, three weeks ago, our project manager Davey Lei, discovered the Titan Quest: Immortal Throne Official Game Site was online.
The game was released on the 6th of this month.
The folks at Iron Lore kindly sent us the original poster size renders for our own promotional use. I did a paint-over of the character and added some background images from her armor design (and a screen shot from the game/photo comp for the waterfall image) for some of her more attractive poses and renders.
Anyway, this was a really fun project to be a part of and I am looking forward to checking out the game. Hope you enjoy!
A few more pics with slightly different looks and styles. Follow the link below the pic for a hr image.
This next pic was put together by the Iron Lore team. It is the box cover for Immortal Throne, I believe. I thought they did a good job of exposing all of the characters T and Assets in this one. Sorry, about that one, that was just bad. Seriously though, I think it came out pretty cool.


she is sweet ! great work :slight_smile: 5* from me


This has to be one of my favorites!


5 Stars!


Superb! I love it!


Impressive! 5* :scream:


Pretty Good Job Done.way To Go…
4 Stars


Wow! Great Work.

5*****. Congrats! :slight_smile:

Jomar Machado


WOW this is so cool!! i love her


It’s a very beautiful work!
5 stars also for me!



Your first image is great! :thumbsup:


1* !what’ this?


I’m a huge fan of THQ and titan quest. my copy of immortal throne is already on the way (in italy TQIT will go gold on the 23rd). Can’t wait to have an harbinger
Great work.
Titan quest ha wonderful rendering in ambient and character. While I’m playing somethime I think about the huge work of the art department. you’re really great !!


Wow!! Thanks for all of the wonderfull feedback. I am glad you guys like it.
jojo1975- Thanks man, I haven’t played the first game yet, but my production manager picked it up and said that it is a great game. I will def try out Immortal Throne, all of the screen shots look really appealing.
dodo5689- Thanks for the boost man. The star rating on this thread went up and way down a couple of times. Somebody(s) out there really didn’t like my post(or me). That’s how it is though. For everone that appreciates a piece, somebody decides they don’t. I really appreciate the people who share their feelings on a piece. It is unfortunate that the people who degrade ratings of others threads do not comment on their feelings about the artwork.

Thanks again for the positive response!


Dang, I JUST started playing this game because reviews say it’s good.
I see that character everytime I start up Immortal Throne and I always say, damn, I wonder who made the model. The beauty of female anatomy is there. I love it. Especially her butt on the game cover. Great job!


very cool stuff. i´m playing TQIT in my less spare time and its really good. bif, i hope u know that IT is “just” an addon, not a complete game. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow amazing…
5 stars from me :wink:


:thumbsup: Wow. Just wow. Great color and texture. I love the scratches on the sword when she is pointing it forward. Fantastic. Star x 5.


The character looks very lovely.


Love it man…5*:thumbsup:


Massive Black always produce great design and concept, now the Modelling also make world awesome, keep it up. Great work