IMG Files & Snow Leopard...


It appears that IMG files will be globally mapped to one app… not the creator anymore. Kinda annoying. (IMG being a disk image format, I dont think remapping it to anything else would be wise)



IN OS X the default disk image file name extension is now .dmg, so it might be okay to remap .img. I rarely come across disk images ending in .img. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I did. It’s been years.

Interestingly, I have a lot of old Electric Image IMAGE files on my computer which date back to the Classic Mac OS days and don’t even have file name extensions at all, yet Snow Leopard still knows that they are IMAGE format, and has, oddly, associated them with After Effects CS4. If I add .img to the file name, they adopt an Electric Image Finder icon and open in Animator.


There is a freeware Preferences Pane that lets one associate all kinds of filetype indicators (extensions, MIMEs, OS X’ UTIs, etc.) to certain apps. It supports Snow Leopard. Perhaps it is useful here.


I have had this problem for some time. Thanks for the solution to the forefront Juan.


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