IMAGTP's 3D clock model with CryENGINE 2


Here’s IMAGTP’s real-time 3D model of a clock running on Crytek’s CryENGINE 2, the same engine powering Crysis the game.




No waaaaaaaaay…


[left]Man I wish this was the standard next-gen (can we call it current now ?) middleware engine instead of that plastic heavy Unreal engine.


very nice! i think the machinima community just got a shot in the arm. can’t wait see what the community does with the CryENGINE 2.


looks nice i guess…



A very good point.



its not moving ? switch the physics on and show us a ticking clock :thumbsup:


Another one. I just wonder how much of that needs to be toned down when you got 20+ characters moving/fighting with full envrionments and AI/Physics and so forth. Spinning a static model is kinda like…durr. Looks good but…


you not seen any of the new crysis videos then…


im looking forward to crysis…granted i dont have the money to upgrade to a crysis worthy machine i like to look at it i suppose…only thing is i m still doubtful that its going to be as perfect as they are making it out to be. i can name countless games that let me down like that, but i must admit that is some tasty eye candy…i kinda feel bad though bc im not as much in the know about the cryengine as i would like to be


Exactly. I see a high polygon count, depth of field and good lighting and shaders.

CryEngine2 looks fantastic (I’ve seen the gameplay videos. They look great but I don’t think we could use this clock model as a playable level with enemy AI) and I’m not hating on it. I can’t wait to play with it, in fact.

But tech demos of games and consoles showing off things without all the things running that need to happen to actually PLAY a game should only get marketing people excited; not gamers.


I have a buddy I work with at Siggraph every year and he has been with the company for a couple of years now. He really digs Germany:shrug: but I am jealouse he gets to work with that amazing engine. There first engine was mind blowing for its time. So I always gush and try to get insiders info and he told me the company is promising a before Christmas release date.:bounce:

In the electronic Theatre this year they showcased the CryEngine, then Unreal and Valves new kick ass game feature. I am a long time Unreal user and fan but the CryEngine looked twice as good as the other two.:thumbsup:


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