Imagine Cup Games Competition: Looking for additional team members


We are looking for 2 additional team members to enter Imagine Cup 2014 Game Development Competition:
We intend to make a cute 2D puzzle game, we already have a game design document, however we are open to suggestions and the entire team has to agree on the game we will make.

We will be using Unity Engine.

What is Imagine Cup Games Competition?

Imagine cup is the biggest student world competition sponsored by Microsoft. Competition consists of 3 rounds, entry deadline for first round is 15th of March. 3rd round (world finals) are held in July in Seattle, USA . All travel and accommodation costs are fully paid by Microsoft.

1. Place : $50,000
2. Place: $10,000
3. Place: $5,000

There are also many extra money rewards and grants available to competitors, as well as publicity and press coverage competing in the Imagine Cup provides.
Competitors retain full rights to their produced game and can sell it or do what they want with it after the competition.

Who are we looking for?

Applicants need to be current students. There is no country restriction.


UI & Graphics Artist - will be responsible for the creation of UI and other graphic related material such as logos,
Extra points if able to help out with concept art, video editing or sound design.

2D digital artist - capable of drawing in colourful cartoony style similar to eg. Days of Dawn, Bastion, Aquaria, Glow Fish or BeatBuddy

[I]Previous knowledge of Unity game engine is not required, we can teach you what you need to know and help you learn. If you don’t wish to work with Unity engine that is an option too - you can produce the assets and we will set them up within Unity.

Knowledge of video editing and compositing or sound design is not required but it is a plus.[/I]

If you are interested please send us an example of your work or a link to your portfolio at: imaginecup @ or leave a comment below!

If you have any further questions you can ask them in the comments or send an email to the previously mentioned address.

If you don’t meet the requirements/are not interested yourself but know someone who might be please share this post with him/her!

Who are we?

We are currently a 2 man team:

Role: Team Leader, Lead Developer
• exceptional C# programming skills and plenty of experience working with Unity,
• leadership experience on many student and game development projects,
• outstanding knowledge and understanding of game design & mechanics,
• creative individual with good eye for details and design,
• excellent creative writing skills
• additional skills in web development, marketing and user acquisition

Role: Special Effects Designer, C# Programmer
• good C# programming skills and experience working with Unity
• excellent shader and graphics programming skills
• exceptional skills in creating shader, post processing and particle special effects
• great level design skills
• additional skills in music composing

We have previously been involved in the development of several games and have developer licences for many Unity Asset Store commercial plugins necessary for game development. (eg. NGUI, Master Audio, 2D Toolkit, Easy Touch…)

Any plans after Imagine Cup?

Regardless of the Imagine Cup results we plan to finish the game and publish it to as many platforms as we can. Primary targets are mobile and pc platforms regardless of the operating system.
All profits will be spit between the team members.

After the project is finished and time comes for moving on to other projects, we would love to continue working with the same team members in the future.


If you have any further questions you can ask them in the comments or send an email to imaginecup @

How do you intend to communicate to team members not in the same country?
All team communication will be done through Slack. It is a service that unites file sharing, instant messaging and brings it to your mobile phone instantly. It is a new and great service many high profile studios are already using.
Our team already has an active account on Slack.

Which country will the team represent on Imagine Cup?
It is just a formality that determines whether the team will compete in National or Online Finals.
It can be any country at least one of the team members is a resident and student, however we are aiming at countries whish have Imagine Cup Games Online Finals. Currently the team represents Croatia as the current team members are residents of Croatia.

Will the team have official blog/website or something?
Yes. When the team chooses the final name of the game a wordpress blog/site will be created at
All team members will also be given access to personal email addresses in the form of name.lastname @

The first round deadline seems a bit close? Are you sure you are going to make it?
We have previously made more in less time. We are confident that we can produce a game more than good enough to pass the first round.

I don’t want to just produce art for the game! I really want to be a big part of the game development process! Can I also take part in big game dev decisions?
Of course! We want you to be a big part of the game! But we are not going to push you to do something you don’t want to do. Providing the art assets is the bare minimum you need to do, not the maximum. How much you will invest yourself into the game is up to you!

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