Imaginative Figure Workshop #003: Unusual Pets & Their Unusual Owners


Background image from - Aelbert Cuyp (1620-1691) - Orpheus with Animals in a Landscape, Oil on canvas, c.1640

Imaginative Figure Workshop #003: Unusual Pets & Their Unusual Owners

                     [b][i]*2D or 3D[/i][/b][b][i]*[/i][/b]
                                      For this Workshop, I invite you to [b]create a character or narrative scene / illustration with the theme of [/b][b]Unusual Pets & Their Unusual Owners[/b]. It's up to you as to whether you want to create concept art or an illustration, be it in 2D or 3D, traditional or digital media.
      [b]You can choose to create either just a character, or a character within a scene - in other words, you can do either:[/b]

[li]concept art or character sculpt for a single character[/li][li]concept art or 3D model for a narrative scene[/li][li]illustration or character sculpt for a single character[/li][li]illustration or 3D model for a narrative scene[/li][/ul]2D or 3D

    [b]I would encourage you to write a background story for the character / scene.[/b]
                                      Go for [b][i]QUALITY[/i][/b], not quantity in this piece. Polish this drawing / digital painting up to the best of your abilities! 


     [b]Some General Guidelines (mostly applicable to 2D but can be adapted for 3D):[/b]
 For those of you with your own process, feel free to ignore this part. But for those of you without a working method, you may find the following guidelines useful:
                                     [b][i]Part 1[/i][i]:[/i][/b] [b]Decide on a concept / narrative and do your Research[/b]
                 Decide whether you are going to create a creature or place the creature/s within a narrative. 
                                     Reference Resources:[/i][/b]

[li]As always, Google Image, Flickr, Pbase, and your own books or books are all fair game as reference resources. Just be sure to not directly copy any copyrighted references that you find - you must significantly alter any reference image in order for it to be considered legally yours. Also be sure to look through some of your favorite artists as inspiration. Check through some of your favorite blogs or image sources to get your creative juices flowing.[/li][li]If you have other resource sites that you would like me to link, please let me know.[/li][/ul]Part 2: Ideation


[li]Create a set of small, rough thumbnails in your sketchbook (traditional or digital) before embarking on any finished piece. Try to convey the mood and atmosphere of the piece before ever adding any details. Think of the light source, the mood which you want to convey and a background story for this morphed self-portrait and creature.[/li][/ul]Project Considerations / Criteria:
[li]Be creative! Try to evoke a mood as much as fulfill the “basic” requirements of creating the theme of Unusual Pets & Their Unusual Owners.[/li][li]Consider a strong sense of lighting / chiarascuro. Look at the work of Caravaggio to get a strong sense of lighting. Note the clarity of the light source and the strong sense of design via lights and darks alone.[/li][/ul]Media:
[li]As always you can use the media of your choice - 2D Traditional or Digital.[/li][li]Feel free to work in Black / White / Grayscale only or in full color.[/li][/ul]Part 3: Final Drawing / Digital Painting (or 3D Render)

 Once you have nailed down your concept and selected your best thumbnail, work up the linework for your piece and shade / paint it. Post your work here - 

PLEASE - NO MORE than 10 total WIP images (including your final image).

     [left][b]Please subscribe to this thread or bookmark it for future reference![/b]
                                     Have fun!


PS, I’d encourage you to broadly interpret the definitition of “pet” - try not to go for something stereotypical (female as pet, badamshing, wow brilliant) - see if you can push beyond the obvious tweaked definition to come up with something far cooler. :slight_smile:

And definitely I’d encourage weird imaginary pets, not just the “wow, a leopard would sure be an unusual pet”.

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Also as usual, you are encouraged though not required to also post your work here:

Personal Anatomy & Sketchbook Threads

  Some *suggestions* for target deadlines (mainly 2D oriented, can be adapted for 3D):

4/9: Sketches due - at least 8 different concepts / thumbnails.
4/16: Finished Drawing of ONE of the concepts due.
4/23: Refined Drawing / Grayscale painting of ONE of the concepts due.
4/30: Final Drawing / Painting Due.

Please post all of your work for this Workshop to this thread.


  1. This Workshop runs for FOUR WEEKS, between [b]April 2 - April 30, 2009[/b] (whatever your midnight is).
  2. Any reference imagery that is not yours must be significantly altered and cannot be directly copied without permission / citation from the copyright holder.
                                         3. The work created in this Workshop MUST be TASTEFUL, SINCERE, and for the purpose of serious study of the human figure. Those who post silly, disrespectful, or tasteless work will have their posts deleted immediately and will no longer be allowed to post on this thread. 
                                         3. [b][color=YellowGreen]YOU MAY POST [u][color=Orange]NO MORE THAN 10 WIP IMAGES (including your final image)[/u] FOR THE DURATION OF THIS WORKSHOP.[/color][/b] While you may comment as much as you wish, [b]anyone posting more than 10 WIP images TOTAL will have their posts removed[/b]. [/color][color=YellowGreen][b]Please respect this rule.[/b][/color]
                                         4. Artists who post comments and critiques of other artists' work on this thread must be RESPECTFUL, POLITE, and offer CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Flaming will be NOT be tolerated, and constitutes dismissal from this Workshop.
                                         5. I will be offering the occasional comments / critique - however, the main focus of the Imaginative Figure Workshop threads should be on Group Critique and interaction. :)
                                                 7. ANY MEDIUM or STYLE may be used: Traditional or Digital Drawing / Painting.
                                         8. 3D Artists who wish to use the topic to create 3D models are free to do so. 
                                                 9. Please limit the SIZE of your POSTS to 800 pixels WIDTH x Appropriate pixel LENGTH. No huge posts, please!


that’s like perfect for a project I was thinking of - and 4 weeks sounds realistic too :slight_smile: might give it a go!


FAQ: :wink:

[b]1. Do I have to apply to participate? How much does it cost?
No, just post. It's free.

[b]2. Where do I post my images? 

Please post images to this thread. In addition, you are encouraged, though certainly not required, to also post your images to a Personal Anatomy & Sketchbook Thread.

[b]3. How often can I post?[/b]

You can post as many text replies as you wish, however I ask that you [b]l[/b][b]imit the number of WIP / Work in Progress images to 10.[/b] [b]Reference images don't count toward the 10 WIP images.[/b]

[b]4. I can't participate in this Workshop, but would like to participate in future Workshops, how do I know when they begin?[/b]

[[b]Subscribe to this notification thread[/b]]( and you will receive email updates when new Workshops are posted.

[b]5. Can I work in 2D and / or 3D?

[/b]Please feel free to work in either, or both!

[b]6. Can I work in Traditional or Digital Media?

[/b]Please feel free to work in 2D and / or 3D, Traditional and / or Digital.


lol @ the topic guys… I hurt missing the bunnys run (sold my soul to a client for that month) so hopefully I can do this one with you all

I made this a few years back, I think I’ll go for a similar theme but different approach

Looking forward to this thread:D


i havnt drawn properly in so long…blame the workload!!..i’l try to do this workshop for sure.might help me get back in shape


April 2-23rd is 3 weeks spawns a teenage girl giggle

Will surely come up with something, and easter holiday is about to start so more free time :bounce:


Gah, you’re right - I had that mapped out in the target due dates, but missed in the banner. Giggling does not suit you. :wink: The banner’s now fixed.


Well, it’s my damn pet… keeps pulling my leash too tight so everytime I try to bark, a giggle comes out :argh: :smiley:

Actually, I am thinking to reverse the role of pet and owner… have a human sitting on a pet’s lap in my mind… You know, the kind of pet owner that loves to go on the picture with their pet…


hmm nice topic ill see if i can come up with something :smiley:
btw is it 10 wips limitation+the final piece or is it 10 wips including the final work like the previouse workshop ?
and am i limited to creating only 1 pet and 1 owner :smiley: ?


Logic will lead you to the right answer. :wink:

and am i limited to creating only 1 pet and 1 owner :smiley: ?
Nope. :slight_smile: Please feel free to interpret.


Cool challenge. Looking forward to seeing some cool characters and critters…


haha… great topic, rebecca. looking forward to see what you guys come up with.
have fun.



Really inspiring workshop!
Im joining, and I wanna do something, but since Im preoccupied I got today and maybe tommorow to finish.
Hope to see some cool entries cos the theme is awesome.

Im making this one in 3d and this is my initial sketch, called it The Knitter, ignore the title on the image.



Spider’s head, need to model one leg and then copy it all over, changing the ratio between parts of the leg.
I hope to finish all the modeling by the end of the day, as I said, dont have much time at my disposal, but I fall for this workshop and want to get it done…
Seeya soon!


AIR, haha, awesome! :smiley: Hope you can finish this, love the critter so far. :slight_smile:

Edit - btw, it occurs to me that the woman might be knitting 8 pairs of stockings. :slight_smile:


great progress AIR :smiley: i like the spider :slight_smile:


AIR… Long time no see bro, it will be cool to watch you nut this one out;)


Lol, I forgot to mention that this image gave me a chuckle - hoping to see your entry for this one!


Love the 8 pairs stocking idea Rebeccak:thumbsup: Il try to incorporate it…
DaddyMack_ true, long time no see, sure hope to see you crack something aswell :beer:

seeya soon with more updates