Imaginative Figure Workshop #001: Self Portrait As A Creature


woohoo! :applause: :applause:


This should be fun. I’ll give it a go. :slight_smile:

Glenn your portrait is really cool!


Oh, the nostalgia of doing a workshop with you again!


I am in. Argh. I am scared of my schedule, but I am in, because this matches my self portrait habit I was getting into and also resonates with an experience I made recently.

Juhuuu! YES!

What’s up with the total of 4 WIP images, though? Any reason for this?

I mean, I am sure I’ll get all the help I need in addition if I post more stuff in my anatomy thread, but are there any unpleasant experiences with unlimited WIP posting?

Glenn! That cominnation totally hits the nail on the head, as we say in german. Is that an english saying, too?

go everyone!


from the image i thought 3d was allowed, but it says its a 2d workshop

is it 2d or 3d or doesn’t matter ?


neat idea, rk! i think i may be able to do this as my plate lightens. been a while since i’ve done any ‘self’ exploration. :slight_smile:


Feel free to do either. :slight_smile: It’s mostly geared toward 2D but I think it’s great for there to be a mix. It would be great if you entered with a 3D piece!

Do eet Dave! :slight_smile:

The reason is that with a large workshop (which I’m hoping this will be) I just really don’t want to look at 25 WIP images from the same person. The posting limit ensures that people post their best work (and not just post some tiny incremental step where there is barely any progress, just for the sake of posting) - so the net effect is designed to raise the quality of the work posted to this Workshop. :slight_smile:

You can post as many comments as you like, but I just ask that the number of total images posted here be limited to 4. Thanks for understanding!


Awesome workshop idea Rebecca! I just may have to partake! :smiley:


Thats a really cool idea ill have to set some time aside to do this. This type of stuff always helps propel me to the next level.


I’m in.

Starting tomorrow :smiley:

4 wip images seems nice, like the milestones on a cg challenge.

Oh my… this will be a cool thread :smiley:



OK, here’s my approach:

[li]I’ll turn my self into a snakeself.[/li][li]I just took a reference photo. The lighting is pretty bad, but my flash (which I could have put on a light stand to go for a bit of varied lighting) only syncs with my analogue camera. As I don’t have much time, quick equals nice.[/li][li]I will have to kind of model/simulate the lighting. The ref will merely serve as a base for the portrait and resemblance.[/li][li]Mixture balance: roughly 70% human+30% snake[/li][li]snake features:[/li][list]
[li]tongue[/li][li]eyes[/li][li]teeth[/li][li]lip structure[/li][li]scales[/li][/ul]
I will start with the portrait drawing, collect snake reference, add or merge the snake characteristics on a rather developed portrait and refine or unify from there.

Lighting will have to be heavily altered from the ref, but I don’t really know wether to do this at the beginning, in the middle or at the end. Maybe towards the end I can play a bit with layers and masks to add a bit of light atmosphere? Don’t know. Any suggestions?

colourwise I am thinking of a red/green contrast, maybe a ssssplit complementary, oh…hehe…:smiley:


Hey Mu, I think this sounds good! Before delving in I’d definitely recommend doing some fast silhouette sketches, just to get some rough shapes / ideas going before doing any sort of start on a final drawing. Lots of folks use a marker and post its, or doodle on napkins or scrap paper just to get the ideas flowing.


Hi there,

I kinda did that with a couple of test snapshots which I really… like really need to delete before I go on…:smiley:


Red: If you’re in, I’m in. (like I have the time to play) :slight_smile:


thanks for the workshop! always needed an excuse to work on creatures lol…am i allowed to post 3D renders of the creature in this thread?


Feel free! I should maybe just make it more clear that this is a 2D or 3D Workshop.


wow how fast was ur reply lol


Ok I have updated the first post to make it more clear that this is a 2D or 3D Workshop. :slight_smile:


Sounds awesome Bekka, been too long since I’ve seen one of these. Unfortunately I’m finishing HMC#18 like Boone. I may be able to contribute a bit. Good luck to everyone!


Hey Beckie, sounds like a cool workshop again !
I would really like to be part of it !
I will see if I find time to join you !
see ya !


Very Creative and brainstorming Challenge Rebecca… unless you want to see yourself funny and very unique in this. :lightbulb
I m soooooo tempted to be the part of it. Confused whether to finish my ongoing character or to put that on backburner and play with this! :deal:

Will Decide tommorrow! :shrug: (hope i wont loose much time)