IMAGIN3D - Architecture & Urban Planning Tool Using CryENGINE 2


IMAGTP has built a tool called IMAGIN3D to assist with architecture and urban planning projects. What makes this one really interesting is that they have licensed CryENGINE 2 from Crytek for it.

More information and media about this should be coming out during the IMAGINA 07 event in January 31.


hmmm… interesting. I’d love to see some more of the media when it comes out.



Second demonstration video has been made available.

Low quality:


Very interesting Tool!
I am looking for something like this for ages.

I really would like to see some movies of the handling
of this tool.

Thanks a lot for the News.



Agree. Interesting development. Thanks for informing us.


Yay! Crytek finally gets a licensee! I bet they were worried after what happened to their first engine.


CryENGINE 1 has got at least a couple of licenses. Both MMORPGs. The other one is Aion: The Tower Of Eternity.



Here is a video (30Mo) of the use of the cryengine 2

Press Kit

(You can find other videos on youtube or gametrailers)



I updated my Portfolio with New Real time rendering in cryengine 2

c&c welcome



Any more infos of it … when it will be available, the costs, import formats …?


Any more infos of it … when it will be available, the costs, import formats …?

As for Cryengine1, probably the SDK will be released with the game (crysis) in november.
All the export plugins and tools are in the SDK with the editor (but only for private use or to create mods for crysis…). this scene represents a watch with about 700 000 polygons With 2 lights and realtime soft shadow (I have a 2 years old computer with a X1900).

Technically, this is a nextgen 3d engine so you have all the newest 3d feature available DX9 DX10 Physics, very good AI, easy interaction programming with the flow graph (nodal viewer)…

About the cost, for now we are the only company able to use commercialy the engine for architecture or urban planning so you have to contact us if you want it :wink:

The editor is very powerful and you can change every aspect of your projects in one or two clicks in front of your customer. The interactivity is not only at the end of the work for the final communication and marketing, but all along the creation of the project.



Does the editor have any cadd features? Can you use .STL models?


Thank you for the information.

I misunderstood it then, because i’ve thought you are creating / developing
an architecture / CAD Software that uses the Cryengine.

So i can build my projects in it and present to the client without long rendertimes.

But thanks again for the great presentation.

The main reason for buying Crysis is the engine… the same i’ve done with farcry.
The game is ok… but the engine is the most interesting part. :slight_smile:


The cryengine 2 is a very powerful 3D viewer !! not a tool to create architecture !
I don’t understand why so many people are asking this …

What do you mean bye using .STL ?
Same answer, than above. The 3D mesh exists in your 3D software so you can do stereolithography as you wish…

A customer asked us if we can do stereoscopy too, but what for ?
The engine is powerful enough to recreate your project as realistic you want . You don’t need other media to explain your project.

check this : -London-in-Oblivion or “Game engines for architects”




Here is a new video from a project for the Monaco Yacht show this september 19
This video concern more the boat than the project, I’ll try to post some screenshot of the entire project

Bonjour a tous

Nous diffusons un nouveau film pas tres long presentant notre travail sur un projet de port a Sec qui sera présenté au Monaco Yacht Show ce 19 septembre

Ce film se concentre sur les bateaux mais la maquette contient tout le port avec les digues, un acces parking a carte etc etc le tout integré dans un environnement semi urbain je tenterai de passer des images :wink:

Nouveau Film




Once more,

A new video of our work






After succesfully signing our first partnership with Veolia Transportation in 2007, we have added Fosters + Partners and Total to our references

The complete news :


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