Images: Post Your Mechs...


Heres an update of something I post a mesh of a while ago. Animating it in shots right now. I’ll post more later. Hope you like it. :slight_smile:

And a rotation :


a rookie in 3D. please comment. thx.


I am working on one so I cant really post the final result yet but you can see my current progress here: – follow my WIP here.


Here is another render of my latest mech:


my most recent mech is the APU which I did for a DVD training set.

I love the APU. I also did a sentinel.


Here is my mech … for game …


Here is an old model I did back in 2001.


sorry, no fancy smancy host.
my second 3ds max thing i ever made. more views

my second mech

My BEST mech by FAR



my favorit cybernity its a motoko kusanagi :):):):):slight_smile:

very lot of mecha and very lot of good jobs :slight_smile:


Here is one i made for fun some time ago. Based on an Xtronik concept. ROBOTIKA.
I hope it counts on this thread’s idea.


All Mechs Bots WIPs etc , Well done awsome jobs
Cant wait to make a mech although i need to set some modeling priorities out first.


Hi everyone,
that’s my first post, and here is what I did a couple of weeks ago:

It’s inspired from the Macross’ marauder (aka glaug) and it’s still not achieved yet.


it is a old stuff

and an other meka by my concept, but i am not finished yet!!!


I hate you all… look at my stupid dump of steel :smiley:

This is what i made after it.

But i get better and hopefully one day almost as good as most of you people out here.

I think i am now modeling for about a year, all learning myself and forums.


Hope i didn’t screw up this beutifull thread :s


here’s my mech made in lightwave


Must just say, some awesome renders here. Here’s mine. Did this a while back, and left it on the shelf, till who knows when. Environment sucks, but will get around to it, who knows when.


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