Images: Post Your Mechs...


nice grayson.


Nice Mechs shame I dont have one!:sad:


there are some really cool mechs in here. I am currently working on my own (see link provided) in the wip section, and this suff has inspired and influenced me to keep working on him.


wow! such great inspiration. here’s my first try on 3d modelling.


This is a low poly mech\gundam
inja\whatever thing I am creating for ut2k4, 4227 tri-poly’s, untextured at the moment because I suck so much at texturing so it is slow going.


some renders from an ongoing project…really great work in here btw,cheers


Some you said? :smiley:

That’s great work, I saw your other work on Threedy and it all keeps amazing me.


thx the observer :slight_smile: ,some more progress renders of the same model,half way through hopefully :blush::buttrock:


Here’s my favorite bot of all time (ED-209 from RoboCop):

I’m still working on an animation where he and RoboCop fight in the office. Hopefully I’ll be finished sometime in 2247 :D.


Wish I could do graphics like that there all pretty awsome and the colours on them are awesome.


These are my latest mech/robot renders:


Heres an update of something I post a mesh of a while ago. Animating it in shots right now. I’ll post more later. Hope you like it. :slight_smile:

And a rotation :


a rookie in 3D. please comment. thx.


I am working on one so I cant really post the final result yet but you can see my current progress here: – follow my WIP here.


Here is another render of my latest mech:


my most recent mech is the APU which I did for a DVD training set.

I love the APU. I also did a sentinel.


Here is my mech … for game …


Here is an old model I did back in 2001.


sorry, no fancy smancy host.
my second 3ds max thing i ever made. more views

my second mech

My BEST mech by FAR



my favorit cybernity its a motoko kusanagi :):):):):slight_smile:

very lot of mecha and very lot of good jobs :slight_smile: