Image Sequences Batch Converter


Recently I made this Image Sequence Converter which is basically a GUI for converting image sequences using FFmpeg. It allows to select multiple sequences in a folder and batch process them with provided settings like FFmpeg parameters such as video encoding codec.


  • Do not need any other software apart from FFmpeg and some modules to do conversion
  • It does not require a lot of space, lightweight
  • It is written in Python and is cross-platform
  • Not all software like NLE or other converters support import (like OpenEXR) and/or export (with Alpha channel) of formats which FFmpeg does or has certain limitations
  • Can control level of quality which often doesn’t have to be 100% which can take a lot more space
  • Even if processing of multiple image sequences can be done using nodal interface, it seems a lot more convenient to just do selection if settings are the same
  • It seems convenient to make previews of multiple versions

What is not supported in this version yet:

  • Select sequences in more than one folder
  • Selection of other channels/layers (AOVs) in a mulitilayer/multicahnnel OpenEXR file (I did not find FFmpeg ability to do that)!

What can be done instead is opening other instances of other folders and export channels/layers as separate sequences. However, I might be able to make that work later too. In that case it might be very convenient to batch process image sequence within multiple folders automatically. Perhaps detection of when Alpha channel is required or not and therefore different export format can be done too.

If it is of any interest to you, then please let me know. Link to demonstration is below:


Hi there,

I’m interested in using this converter to convert large batches of EXRs to movie format. Is this something that’s possible. This is very much of interest to me!