image dump


did these last night while hanging with some friends. hope you enjoy. also any c & c are appreciated.

the last three are for a compositing project, that is why they are all in the same pose.



These are awesome! I love all the different cats at the top and the tribal guy with the skull face is great too. What I like about these sketches is that the have a lot of personality.

Nice of you to post them. I love cartoony stuff, it really made my day, thanks.

…and please post more.:slight_smile:


hey thanks devilboi… here are a few pics that i just did tonight. i hope you enjoy. and as always… c & c are always appreciated.

thanks again,



Love the postures and the personality for each of your characters. Only crit involves the baldish guy with the pipe. His hair and sideburns look more like he draped a feather boa around his ears. I suggest squaring off the base of his sideburns, and remember that that hair direction will start from his face back toward his ears. It shouldn’t point the other way, no matter how hairy he is. :smiley: Otherwise a great job.


All of these are great sketches. My favorite is the guy with the stripped shirt, coat, and the hat with the fishing hook on it.


thanks you guys for the kind words. ilikesoup- the hair does look funny. i shall remember your advice in my future sketches. thanks.

here is queequeg from moby dick. he will be animated in after fx for a class. so i am going to do a cut out (like the origional southpark) style.

hope you enjoy.

thanks again,



just did this tonight.

i plab on coloring bigfoot…if you could give me some ideas on approaching it that would be great.



You have a great style !!!


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