iMac G4 800, can i work with it?


Hi everybody, i´m with an iMac G4 800 512Mb 32Mb video card at home to learn Maya, i wanna know if the iMac will support Maya?

that´s it

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sorry, don’t know it. u could try to install Maya PLE on it, an you’ll see if it works. Otherwise on the site u’ll get information about officialy supported hardware.



I’m using Maya 6 Unlimited on a 1Ghz powerbook with 1 Gb RAM and a video card with 64 Mb… it works very smooth



well as i´m still learning i guess i won´t need yet(a powerfull machine), but i´m saving money for a PowerMac G5 ou G4 Dual to go deep in this area CG.

i open some tutorials from the book " Learn Maya with Experts " and my machine put his tong out!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

well guys i hope soon i put some about my Maya steps, please don´t smile! :thumbsup:
Obs:. forgive my english.


running maya6 on a twoyear old 933 G4 with 1gig ram and it works really smooth.
always when I sit in front of a 3D-beast (dual Xeon or something) I´m embarrased that there is a feelable difference, but not so much that I wanna go home and throw my quicksilver away.

so I´m sure a imac 800 with some ram to run maya smooth and easy.
just thing abbout on what machines people worked in the good old toy story 1 times :wink:

go for it


Dudes, here in Brazil a Athon 64 is more cheaper than a Mac! a PowerMac G5 costs 11.000 reais and a Dual Xeon 5.000 reais!!!

Mac or Pc?

it doubts cruel!!!


I’ve been able to run Maya, albeit slowly, on my TiBook 500 mHz with 1GB of Ram and 8 MB video card. It works, and does okay, it’s just a bit slow.


Hummm, nice!!! send some renders images


not want to start a mac vs. pc thing here

just to say … macs are more expensive but you buy them for their operating system.
people who know OSX seem to have no doubts to pay some bucks more to work with it.
me I am one of them :smiley:


There is NO reason to run Maya on a Mac. I have been a Mac user since 1996, LOVED them, thought they were the fastest machines on earth. I got a job to do actually with Lightwave 3D, i was on my quicksilver 733 G4 1 gig ram, 64 MB video card at the office. After building a scene of only 10,000 polys i noticed i couldn’t navigate anymore, my cam was choppy and slow. Luckily i had the ability to open this scene on a PC…i don’t even have to tell you…it was unreal, that was the last time i ever touched a mac for 3D…mac OSX is THE BEST! operating system ever never ever crashes, LOOKS INSANE!!! does Photoshop well…but is not a contender for 3d EVEN still…i have a dell laptop, my girlfriend has the new 15" 1.25 gig powerbook g4, MPL is slow on the mac…and to top it all off…my office has a dual 2 ghz g5 with 2 gigs of ram 128 mb video card…my laptop is a P4mobil 2 ghz 512 ram and a 64 mb video card…PC navigation was smoother and rendertime just as quick…SHAME on apple! beauty is NO match for functionality!

OSX on an intel chip…once that happens it’s DONE!


I´ll buy a PC them i buy an iBook only to stay with a Mac, OS X rulez!!!.. but first a nice machine to begin my CG portfolio. :deal:


and just for fun:

An example:

And how right they are. PCs are cheaper, and more flexible. Maybe a mac is a little bit more stable, but you stuck with Mac OS for ever, and u can’t choose the components you want.
But please - it’s not my money thrown away for nothing, and the main thing is, what you do with your hardware. If you make nice things, and a Mac works for you it’s just fine, but if you look on it rational, you can really see, that a PC is just fine for everything.




Stop feeding that troll you guys. :lightbulb


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