iMac Colour Profile for DMP


I invested in a new iMac last year, and left the colour profile as the out-of-the-box ‘iMac’.

A few people recently have commented on the contrast in my images, which leads me to think I might need to tweak the profile a little.

Is there a recommended colour profile to work to for DMPs? I’ve been reluctant to even touch the ‘calibrate’ option in case it messes with the standard settings!

Please excuse the ignorance, but this an area I don’t know much about!




Do NOT eyeball the colours. Only use the calibration option if you have a calibration device, as in a piece of hardware. The iMac LCD display one should be safe enough but if you want to have the same fall-off as a Windows screen, you can check with the IEC61966, which has a 2.1 gamma, usually. There’s only so much you can do without a Dreamcolor or Cinema display.