Im Schuppen (In the Barn), Peter Buchholz (3D)


very nice pic, crazy detail :thumbsup:



Nice Work!!! Great detail, lighting and texturing. Congratulations.


Pff…i love to see all the WIP…really inspiring…congrats for the plugg!!


Awesome job! overall very cool!


render and texture is cool. it has got the character u wanted.


Very nice! :thumbsup:

Just curious… what is a “Bookie” (the label on the wooden and metal mill thingy)?


It’s Peters private nickname.



Really nice work.I like deateil.
Good luck.

Hamed katebi


i noticed the tire was flat. Shouldn’t that make the car lean to one side? Or are all 4 tires flat?
Just something i noticed. Nice rendering otherwise.


kick ass!!


Thanks, Neil.
The car as well as the axis is a bit down at the flat tire side. See front rendering. In real life it is not so noticable as one would assume, if there is a flat tire especially with leaf springs.


Finally, you finished it! :wink:

Really great work Peter.
I’m glad to see you at the front page.


Ah yes, stupid me. I know someone with that nickname and was thinking I’d like to buy them one of these imaginary grinder thingies… maybe if I checked ebay… :smiley:


Hi Bookie,

great to see the Landie finally done.

Great picture you’ve done here, and the frontpage is well deserved.


no way its done :smiley: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

…i thought it was done about 2 years ago :love:



Nice stuff. I would exagerate the leaning of the car though. (yes, I know it’s already leaning ;))turner


I can see just a little little error. You can see dust in the volume light from the window. All that dust you can see there always must float in the entire room affecting our sighting of the room also but I can see all the room with enormous clarity without dust in the air in no other zone than the window volume light. You need pay attention to a real photo with all that dust.


Beautiful !
Looks like my grandpa’s garage where I spent my summer vacations.
Memories, thanks
Great details. I almost can smell the oil.



extraordinary ambiance. five star from me.:thumbsup:


Outstanding work… simply outstanding. The lighting is simply… well… outstanding.

By the way, what did you use Coreldraw for?