Im Schuppen (In the Barn), Peter Buchholz (3D)


Title: Im Schuppen (In the Barn)
Name: Peter Buchholz
Country: Germany
Software: BodyPaint, CINEMA 4D, CorelDRAW, Darktree, Photoshop

An aged series I Land-Rover that needs some repair is waiting for restauration in a dry wooden barn.
I started modeling the Land-Rover in 2003 and now I am happy that I finished it finally.

Hope you like it.


stunning detailing and texture work mate, only think i personally dont like or not so keen on is the greyness of the tyres. but its still a wonderfull image. any chance of some close ups of some of the details?


Nice lighting. I like the old look everything has and all the details. That Land-Rover looks nice, I like the flat tire. I wasn’t sure if barns had brick walls, I guess this one does. Do you have a wireframe maybe? Really nice work.



Wonderful!! Great detail, lighting and texturing.

To me it seems that the whole image has noise (maybe render samples or textures?).

Excellent work!!



Excellent job! Great mood.
Phantastic lighting… and
ofcause great modeling
too! I love your materials
and your style…
Simply phantastic!


Nice modelling, textures and render.

The light has that “certain mood”. Congrats! :slight_smile:

Jomar Machado
[]( 356) (COKE) (Snail)


nice texture… n lighting…


great modelling full of details ! :thumbsup:


Really nice work men, I love the mood of the scene, the ambient and lighting it,s fantastic, the sun rays throungt the windows look very nice, good work on textures, overall very nice scene.


Nice textures!!! :wink:


First of all I have to thank all of you for your comments. And I am really happy that you like the picture. :slight_smile:

One of you asked for some details, so I want to show some older renderings.


And some more:


wowww!!great job man

5 stars for me


Excellent material. Congrats.:thumbsup:



P E R F E C T O…:slight_smile: :scream: :thumbsup:


Great attention to details

Perfect job on the texture and the lightning
love the whole mood in the scene 5 *


Excellent work !


This is great! I love the lighting. I used to drive a series one Landrover, and your attention to detail is excellent! :slight_smile:


Well deserved frontpage plug Peter, simply beautifull work :slight_smile:



Great image. Excellent attention to detail.