I'm Rather Upset at Elysiun



angry/loud/aggravated yell

sigh again

ok…i don’t want to sound like a whiner…but here goes:

im 19 yrs old…a programmer who works full time with -plenty- of stress to deal with and such things…and for some reason i get the feeling that every single person on elysiun that’s a newer member is about 12-15 yrs old.

my reasons are because anytime someone with an iota of talent(better than theirs) who posts something in the forums, gets nothing but slobbered over by these “WOW”-ing fanboys and gets their thread taken over by this instead of good constructive criticism.

personally this has been whats kept me from posting my work online therefore i really don’t do anything but render little test scenes with yafray wishing i could actually make something that someone would criticize instead of “WOW” over.

i know that my own talent shouldn’t be decided by what other people think. but i’ve grown up with online communities and i just find that without the respect and advice of other people who are better than me…i can’t really find a need to improve. if i can’t get someone like BDgM to say “wow, that looks good…now you need to…” then i really find it hard to create.

some may disagree with me…some may not. but i just thought i might see if -anyone- might agree…

i am aware that a thread like this has been made…but hey, this forum really doesn’t have a big flooding problem so i thought i would start a fresh one

P.S. hows that new forum at elysiun going for the more seriouse works and such ?


WOW evil grin, that a little too much too early, don’t you think?

You get that impression because that is the truth, just search for age polls over there.

Posting related/repeated questions on separate thread only makes the information harder to find when you really need it. It is a bad habit. :sad:


I have gotten the impression you may post your Yafray cubes here too, but I’d be really surprised if you get “wowwed” to the point of annoyance. =)
If you are after constructive chritic, post your work and see what happens. And it helps if you specify on what aspects you want the chritic to focus on.
Don’t kill yourself with work related stress. It’s certainly not worth it.


Ya, well, much as I said in the other thread; until you learn that a particular website and the status quo there is not to blame for your shortcommings, and until you’re mature enough to discuss Elysiun’s problems (as you see it) at Elysiun, suck it up. Many people who started at Elysiun migrated on to other forums (and other software) without badmouthing others, especially whole communities, along the way. See if you can follow in their footsteps so we can look up to you too one day.


you see…there’s been discussion in Elysiun…and the general attitude in that thread is -part- of my reasons for coming here…and i’ve read that thread very slowly and thuroughly(bad spelling…bleh) and i just can’t see that its gone to far yet…

mature enough for you ? or do i need to become like the others in elysiun and just clap for the cute little renders that some of these people have made…or even better ! become cold about it and never post my work or reply to others’ like some of the greater artists. which actually hurts the community more than anything.

pardon me for sounding immature…but last time i checked, the people who speak their minds in a decent manner are the ones who are mature.


translation: rather than doing anything about it, let elysiun rot and fall to the children, because we’re to afraid to ‘offend’ anybody or hold people to some sort of standards.


I agree. If you want serious criticism just post your WIP’s here and you won’t get wow-ed all over. The blender forum is relatively easygoing, when we can’t really help you you can always go the the 3D WIP forum, where all the Maya buffs can tell you a lot more about a good 3D image.


Please don’t use CGTalk to complain about other forums.