I'm obsessed with these tubes.....


sry, the way you do this is right click the object and goto properties, it should be in the lower right of the first menu that pops up.

for materials, its in the material editor (the number in the upper middle, prolly is set to 0 for default)

haz: that does look nice, but i think it would really work if it was a longer distance away. the problem is that its not relflecting the other tubs like patton’s is, and if you added a ratraycer that would probably start seeing the render times that patton did (im guessing on the order of 2-4 minutes based on your computer)


so, can anyone show me where I can find this glare(lume), or can someone send it to me.

btw, I’m using the version of mental that came with Max7


Dude, I’m not being an @ss about this, but that’s also covered in the MR shader thread (along with much, much more). I’ve also explained it in detail (even with screen grabs) on my website.
I know the MR shader thread is huge, but I’ve even took the time to create a table of contents to help people out with commonly asked questions. So, by spending a few moments searching the threads here at CGtalk, or my website, I think you’ll find the answers to a lot of the basic MR questions. (and you don’t have to wait for a reply)

And again, please don’t take this as a rude post because it’s not. It’s just difficult to convey the right emotion through text.


I’ve never been able to make the glare work with single objects. I’ve just tried again and still no luck. Can you please make a tutorial or simply post a .max file that has a setup where only one object is affected by the glare shader. I would greatly appreciate it!


Mr. Patton, I’m sorry. I know exactly what you mean. I used to be big in the quake 3 editing community( for mapping/shaders) until I decided to try some new stuff, like max. And i did get as pi$$ed off at people as you probaly are at me. I’m just really excited and am always looking for the easy way out. And it’s me being an a$$ not you. I thank you though, for all the times you’ve helped me unconditionaly. I also love that you have all these neat scenes on your website for download, those have helped me learn alot in a short amount of time.



  oh and with your permission, can I recamend others that I know to your site to download some of your scenes.


Actually in my first image, there was a raytraced reflection - but from that angle you couldn’t really see anything being reflected. I bumped up the amount of reflection in this image and swung the camara around too. This image also took only 8 seconds to render.


Patton… not really sure what your asking for.
The original question made was how to apply lense effects (ie: glow, star, streak, etc) to a SINGLE object. if that is what your asking for then i have the steps right here. if your asking about the “glare” shader than im not as sure what your talking about and you will have to point me to it befor ei start experimenting (didn’t find it in my max 6 bible book either… hmmm…)

for assigning lens-effects to ONE object do the following.
right click >> properties >> click the arrows to the desired object channel found in the box labeled g-buffer (under the general properties tab).

rendering >> effects >> add >> lens effect >> glow >> options tab.

under the tab you check “objects id” and click the number until it is the same number as your object. if that box is greyed out then first check either “image” or “image centers” under “apply element too”.

its pretty simple, your just telling what the glow applies too, default is lights and the image sources tells it to apply to the… image (in this case, object).

for materials, open up the editor, and just look for the number underneat the views of the materials, its called “material effects channel”, and like the others yous et it to a number and then goto effects and this time set the effects ID to the same number (instead of object)

so thats for lens effects and that sorta thing, for shaders… not really sure what you mean there. all i can really see is the shaders for mats, and you just have to apply that to one object for it to work lol. for lights… well you could just exclude everything but that one object. cameras… not really sure what your talking about.


Largo39 - I misunderstood your post then…I thought you were answering -Arkon-'s question about getting the glare(lume) shader to work on single objects and not the entire scene. Sorry for the confusion.


ah, no, as to that i don’t know. i looked at it and i don’t seen an option to have the camera shaders apply to just one camera or w/e. as for material sahders, again, just apply them to the object hheh.

honestly can’t help you much there, haven’t learned MR much yet other than the basic MR glass material. sry.


thanks for the the great comments and help guys. Do you think it would be a good idea to write a tutorial, for glow tubes and such. It might help others like me out. If you want I could write up a basic one, and Patton of edit the heck out of it to make it correct.

(EDIT) Oh and Patton, I check out your tips and tricks page, and found how to “unhide” the glare shader. I’ve done that, and restarted max, but I still cannot find it. Should it just be under the “new” where the other shaders such as Night and Distortion are?

Scrath the ABOVE, I’ve found it, but it’s only located under the output. Camera shader.


perhaps the way to apply the shader to objects is through layers. although my knowledge of max layers is limited (ehh, none, lol) i think conceptually u should be able to split up the scene into layers with the shader on and then a layer with it off, or even with a different renderer (like a scanline for normal things, then MR for the special stuff), at least thats what i see layers doing well. then perhaps video post remembers the layer information or you just composite it in AE (after effects) with some maps to define which goes where.


I think I have it working… kinda. I’ll post my max scene in a little bit.

(edit) I can get the glare working a little bit, but I can’t change the brightness of it. I’ve messed with some of the settings in the material editor, and I’ve had no luck. Any ideas on how to change the glares brightness.


this helps me out a ton. Thanks! :thumbsup:


wow I need to try that.


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