I'm obsessed with these tubes.....


Alright I admit it, I was paging through the mental ray disscussion in the resource forum, and saw these beauty’s from Jeff Patton

I’ve downloaded the file he posted on the later pages, but I still can’t get my scene to look even remotely like the light tubes. The thing is, I can’t get the tubes to emit the light that they do in that image.

If someone, or even Patton himself can help me out here, or even send me the original light-tube file that would be great.

                                (can't get these out of my mind) Arkon


To make something glow in MR you can either use an output shader or the Glow(lume) shader. But before it will work, you MUST enable final gather. I know glowing objects have been discussed extensively in the MR shader thread. You may want to run a search on that thread.

In addition to that resource (MR shader thread), I also have many files on my website (link in my sig) that you can freely download and dissect (this includes several “glow” scenes).

Hope that helped. :thumbsup:


Mr. Patton, I’m sorry I’m being such a pain, but I cannot get this to work. I’ve tried everything, the glow lume, output, and I made sure i was using final gather, and even tried at different sample rates, like 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 8000, and 10000. I’ve had no luck what so-ever. I don’t know if I have a fauly copy of mental ray or what, but I know that this isn’t not working.

If you could, can you send me the original light-tube scene, the same one in your screenshot. So that i can disect it, and find out if i have a fauly copy. (then hopefully I won’t come whining like the pathetic noob I am)

If you could e-mail it to me at shorties@earthlink.net , that would be great.


Well, if you want, I can post my current scene, for download, and if someone could tell me what I was doing wrong. That would help to.


pls post your file and I’ll be happy to take a look at it.


Or, again…download one of the many scenes from my website. There’s one already there that has glowing tubes (florescent light). Don’t change anything…just hit render, then compare your settings with it.


Alright, here it is. If you can fix it and repost it, or even just tell me what I’m doing wrong, I will be very grateful. AS I"M POSTING THIS WOOT!!! I got it to work… well kind of. The lighting is working and all, but the tubes are not as clean looking as yours. Heres the max file to help me perfect this.


I don’t see an attachment to your post. However, judging from what you said if it’s splotchy looking, sounds like you need to increase the FG samples.


Woot, with your expert help, I think I’ve got it. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Hopefully I’ll a get good render posted here by the end of the day.

       1000 thanks,



Heres a screenie

The only problem is, the tubes emit great light, but they don’t look very glowy. they look kind of flat compared to yours. If I can do anything about it, let me know.


Interesting post.

So the “glowing” isn’t done with MAX’s Glow effect?

And ARKON, I think your attempt is closer than you might think it is. It does look like its glowing - but almost like 1/2 the brightness of PATTON’s.


thanks for the comment, I’ll bump up the glow and post some results in a while.


Here is my attempt… I know it doesn’t compare with PATTON’s image, but I figured I would spend a few minutes and see what I could come up with… Oh, and I just used the regular scanline renderer.


woah, nice job man. I have to ask though, how did you get the glow effect. It actually looks like it’s glow-glowing.




To make the tubes brighter, increase the glow amount (in the shader settings),
To give them the glow effect, add the glare(lume) camera shader.


I think the question needs to be asked since your original image was done with MR - how long does it take to render?

My poor scanline version took all of 7 seconds to render.
Oh, and BTW, ARKON, I have no idea if you need to use it when using MR, but my glow was done using MAX’s regular Glow Efffect (Rendering>Effect…)


alright, I’ve increased the glow effect, but I do not know how to add or use camera shaders ( I’ve only been using max for about 2 months) so if you coud help me out…well you should know by now :stuck_out_tongue: .


ok I found where you apply the camera shaders, but I do not have the glare(lume) shader,

what I do have is Distortion(lume), Night(lume), Wraparound(lume), and Shaderlist(lens)

(Edit) Oh, I have another question, if I apply lens effects such as glare, will it glare everything. The reason being, if I want to include a glow like effect such as this again, I might want to do it in a normal scene, one that contains more than glowy tubes.


just set the glare to an onject identity (2nd tab of the the glare should have various identities, numbers to the right, set one), then set the object to the same number and that effect Only applies to objects with that number.

you can do the same for materials as well.


um, thanks for the reply, but can you try to be a little more specific. I don’t really know what you mean when you “just set the glare to an onject identity” and on what tab are you talking about?



(Edit: Minsc and Boo are ready to serve!!!)