I'm new to this... (nudity)


I’m new to digital painting. There are so many great artists here and I feel so small. I am so inspired by their works though. :thumbsup: especially by linda’s. :love:

Here’s something I’m working on. Critiques are very welcome. :bounce:


LOL, who isn’t inspired by Linda?

This looks really good. Is this your first digital painting ever? I think your only problem is your blending and your use of color. Don’t be afraid to use bolder more saturated tones, especially in shading skin. Also contrast will really help define your shapes and separate things, like the hands on the feet. Your anatomy looks really good. The hair could use a little work, don’t over detail it. Actually, if you go to Linda’s website and check out her “Thoughts on Smooth Blending” and “Hair” tutorials, they could really spice up this picture. Very good so far though, keep it up!


thanks for the advice. i will certainly keep it in mind the next time i do another figure painting. you’re right. my skintones look too pale and chalky. :sad:

i was actually reading linda’s hair tutorial while i did the hair for this one. unfortunately i could not avoid the pitfalls she mentioned as my OC’ ness kept kicking in. :smiley:
oh and yep. this is my first somewhat official digital painting. i have lots of doodles. :bounce:


I made the silly mistake of using the wrong brushes for the foreground. I definitely lack sleep. lolz.

mental note to self: “make custom brushes!”


I tried putting up a background for this one. Now the skintones look even more faint and chalky. :sad: Oh and the butt seems to need some sort of correction. She looks like she’s floating right now. What else am I missing?


It looks like she’s floating because the skin at the points where it touches the ground should also be much darker just like you’ve done with the ground. You’re off to a very good start.


You’re right. I need to work on that one. Thanks for the comments. :slight_smile:

In the meantime I started work on this one:

Reference Photo:

It doesn’t look like julie delpy. :eek: Can anyone give critiques on what it is that I missed?

Thanks. :thumbsup:


She has amore pointy nose tip, There is something with the angle of her eye. plus you need more kontrast to see wats wrong


The side of her face thats away is to wide


You’re a great artist from what I can see; My only advice would be push those skin tones more. Keep it up!


only the life model piece you’ve got great colours at work there. the background works really well, although could perhaps be a little more saturated. you seem to have the anatomy of the figure pretty much down, but you need to soften the edge of the arm as right now it is way too harsh. also the interaction with the background doesnt quite work as well as it could as there is no diffrentiation between the floor and a backdrop. to help interact the figure you should also do some deeper shadows on the skin around where it meets the floor. it is a nice piece though.
so far I love the portrait piece, you’ve got the details down nicely. i wouldnt worry about the likeness unless thats the object of the painting, just so long as the piece looks right, ou should just concentrate of everything else. i’m looking forward to see where you take this!


These are very solid starts! Very nice values on the portrait, I’m no good with skintones at all so don’t have any advice for you. Keep up the practice!!!


You’re doing really well, I like watching your progress.

Wow, I just noticed you changed your username! How did you manage that?


thanks for the kind words everyone. :slight_smile:

escapizm: That’s what I’ve been thinking of doing. I figure I missed almost all the features in terms of likeness but the portrait itself looks fine. I guess I’ll try to fix it one more time tonight and if that doesn’t work then I’ll just proceed to finish the piece.

sylanya: I had to change it when I tried to activate my CGportfolio(which is currently still empty). Apparently CG doesn’t accept usernames with spaces in between. :smiley:

The nude was just a paint over from an existing photo so I can’t claim credit for the anatomy. I guess I should have stated that when I posted. That was my first digital painting and I was so excited to try it out that I didn’t want to sketch anything but instead wanted to jump in to the painting part immediately. I took the outlines by adjusting the values in Photoshop. It is from a black and white photo.

The Portrait is all me. :smiley: The landscape I referenced from an excercise in an art book. It’s on color theory… i’ll post the name when I remember it. It’s pretty a good book… even dabbles in teaching monochramatic grays.


good work dude. your color is coming along nicely:) keep it up:)


Thanks man. :slight_smile:

I went to the beach for the weekend but I managed to do some progress when I got back:

It still needs plenty of tidying up but I want to leave the hair somewhat artsy… keep the focus on the face or something.


That looks really good! Very soft shading, and I love the hair. Nice job!


Hey there! Thought I’d drop by – that Delpy piece looks amazing! :eek: Wow, really great grasp of value/contrast on that!

I’ll be keeping an eye out here for sure! :slight_smile:



I’ll be working on a creative portrait of sorts during the weekend. I’ll post my progress when I get back to work on monday. I hope I get to finish it in time for the anniv. whew…:wise:


I was working on the “special project” during the weekend when it hit me that I was having “the” day. You know those rare days when you just can’t draw or paint even if your life depended on it? Yup that day. :shrug:

So anyway… what I did was to take a step back read a few more books and do a practice run to get my, pardon the words “groove” back. :smiley:

I ended up with this one which I worked on (and wasn’t able to finish :D) somewhere in between eating, reading, resting and the gilmore girls. lolz.

The hair I did in less than a minute. :bounce: