I'm max, are you?




No you’re not silly, you’re Ken!


No, I’m Min.


“I’m taking it to the max”


I am Sparticus! If I can fit a max in there somewhere it would be tres cool.


Lol, looks pretty stupid, sorry.


My guess is that we are more of pissed crowd than passionate crowd…sorry.


I still have my video recorded… but then noticed that it was in 640x480 :smiley: Never recorded again the HD version… I’ll be doing that! I’m one of the guys that loved the idea :smiley:


I noticed Alan Mckay say he was “Maxed out”… just an FYI, that’s not a good thing!


I wonder how many sevice packs it will take to have the link in the first post fixed.


Its a love and hate relationship… but I do love max. :banghead:



Sorry, but couldn’t resist :wink:


Each to their own. But as a major company in a creative industry, it should be creative.


… iPod, iTunes, iPlayer, iRobot, i-Pen, iRadio, iDrill, iStubble …


Do we actually need this?




ummm cute!


It’s just the ones that complain on the internet. Funny there are complaints about this little ad campaign too. It is really more a pathetic crowd then pissed.


What’s all the noise about :hmm: ?
World won’t turn upside down because of it, so can deal with and without it, right?
No reason to scream, shout and panic :shrug:

And by the way, Allan McKay’s response was interesting.


Yes, people complain with reason. Don’t tell me that those who do not verbally complain in a forum are happy with the situation.

I agree with you though, I feel pathetic myself too, because I my still using Max no matter how disgust I am with the policy the developer of Max currently hold. There are amazing third party support, that you won’t found in another package.

People are not complain about this campaign, but simply feel odd and strange. Imagine are giant robot who do not feel pain or love suddenly tell you that, let’s play game, my first response is, give me a break…

The developer should do his job probably, deliver a inspiring new version that wow the user, before this kind of marketing. Because it won’t work otherwise.


Still laughing from seeing Jeff Patton and Alan McKay doing their strange performance

I guess the secret goal of that campaign is to make us all make silly spoof/ripoff video i which we make fun of the campaign, have us all post these on Youtube and then call it a viral campaign…

…guess it won´t happen, eh? XD