I'm getting sick of this... how to use deeppaint?


Yes! I’m a complete moron! I’ve been trying Deep paint for 6 hours now and still cant get any descent results.
First I tried with LW, got it to work, but it kept painting mirrored and weird, so I decided to try with 3ds max.
After 4 hours I havent managed to actually paint any surface(for 3ds). It just doesn’t paint! I’ve been trying using different maps on surfaces etc, but it doesn’t work. I haven’t used MAX much and this program is everything else but logical, I probably just miss some setting somewhere or something.

I bet that getting DP3D to paint MAX objects takes only few easy steps. So… Could anyone bother to tell me them?

Btw, I don’t have Deep UV. Maybe it doesn’t work because of that?


Consult your manual - there are a lot of tutorials in it :wink:
Well, not a lot of tutorials, but enough to get you started with all the painting tools and such.

Remember though that just because you are painting in 3D, doesn’t mean that you can get away with lousy, sloppy UV maps. And no, you don’t necessarily need Deep UV - any UV maps from the supported applications will work fine in DP3D. SO make sure that your UV maps are decent :wink:


About manuals, Deep Paint has the worst manuals I’ve ever seen. There are no tutorials, just descriptions of menu commands. Tutorials on website don’t have source files with them, so they aren’t as useful as they could be.
I guess I just have get more patience and solve things with trial-error method. And perhaps study MAX further. That Deep UV thing might make things easier as well I guess.

Thanks for the reply.


Hmmm. The demo I played with had a pdf manual that was mostly tutorials.

Right Hemisphere has a forum on their site where they are very helpful. Worth a post or two.

I agree the tool is not the easiest to work with. But once you understand the flow it isn’t too difficult to get excellent results.


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