im confused about the gallery section


Correct me if im wrong, but now it seems that unless you have a masterpiece you cannot post in the finish work 2d section right? whats up with the autorization thing? Im confused, is there still a normal gallery or there is only the legacy and hosted section? where should I post?


Well, I just validated your post about 5 minutes ago, and if you were to have read the information provided when you created the post, you would have seen that we have to validate each entry. We do screen them for work that is totally pointless, (ie, look at this cool teapot I made. It’s my first rendering), dedundant(ie, double posts), or flooding(ie, someone begins posting thier entire portfolio or multiple shots of the same work).

Please also understand that with alot of the mods and admin staff away at Siggraph, we are running on a skeleton crew at the moment. Give us some time. We have a TON to take care of and we are trying our best to do everything quickly while still working our 9 to 5s.



so is this validation thing going to stay there forever? its good in someway as the quality may go up, but at the same time its longer to post something. I think there should also be a normal gallery section, I dont know…I guess you know what youre doing


There is still a normal gallery section.

Come on now, please don’t start complaining about trivial matters like a SHORT validation period. This is a very generous free service, and in light of that I don’t see how a short wait can be so big a deal.


edit…forget it, I understand now


JAJAJA chill Im not complaining its just that I wasnt sure, jajaja, I was used to the other way and yesterday when I saw the form I got confused. Which one is the normal gallery?


The gallery marked “Legacy” is the “normal gallery”. And you will have to forgive us for being a bit snipy about this but we are constantly flooded with emails and PMs from angry members yelling at us about how they posted something and it did’nt show up yet. It seems few are reading the posting rules and explinations before posting in the hosted section.



one last question, the copyright thing you put to the image…what does that means? is it your copyright?


No, it means that the image is copyrighted to YOU. The Cgtalk/CGNetworks tag is there only to show where it came from if it gets posted on another forum.



alright thanks, and sorry for my silly questions.


Is there any way to make it add that to a black or white bar underneath the image? Sometimes that distrupts the person’s credits or composition (it draws my attention, anyway).

I love the new system by the way. The thumbnail thing is great.


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