many thanks

working ok now
just needed a bit more tweaking



Updated script to v1.4, … original download link in first post has been updated as well as added minor details on what is in the update.

* 5:38pm
Updated script to v1.5 … New download in first post is available as well as mild info on whats new.


Have you been able to discover if it works with mac os10.4?



Not at the moment. Do you have a mac available to use? I have one at home but haven’t had the time in the middle of working to test it. I was going to over the weekend.

If you’ve got a mac, give it a shot!


Updated script to v1.6 … Latest download can be found in the first post or Highend3D …


azshall, u are doing great work, its very clean light rig, i have a small request; i would like to some rendering examples, maybe compare the buildin maya hrdi system and yours.

i wil do some tests as soon as i have free time.



Everything I’ve been testing this rig with is NDA bound so I am not legally allowed to show stills or animations :\ … I haven’t had time to actually test this fully at home, mostly at work…

I still need to find the time to test this for OS X which someone has asked me to do but I have been very busy…

I apologize and will try to get a still up soon.


Thanks for all, I have very great scenes and I need that the size of the lights is greater


We used your previous tippit rig script at our studio for a show called Battle 360 which aired on the History Channel several months ago. We did about two hundred shots total, consisting of outdoor ocean environments and sky environments. It worked out pretty well for what we needed it to do. Our goal was to mimick the final gatherish look with faster render times and no flicker and it did just that. Thank you for your hard work, it really helped us out. I’ve been playing with your new illuminati script and i like the improvements with the sun aim and ability to break the connections on certain lights. If i were to add anything, I would bring back the mental ray depth map shadow options. They render much faster and smoother then the maya dmap shadows from my experience.


I originally was adding the MR Shadow Maps and for some reason decided against it because I was unsure if people used them. I will definitely go back and add this feature in…

Glad to hear the Tippit Rig worked out so well!! I always wanted to go back and polish that script up but decided to do that I’d have to redo it all from scratch, hence writing this one. I’ll throw the mr shadow mapsin very soon… I much prefer the shadow maps over Maya’s DMaps but (I shouldn’t assume) I wasn’t sure how often people actually used MR’s maps. Most people I work with and know tend to stick to either DMaps or Raytraced shadows…

Something I’d like to do when I have the time is shadow/lightmap baking. Haven’t had the time to dive into it but it is on the list to stick in…


Thanks seth, its much appreciated. We messed around with a bit of baking for the project, but we had so many assets and not enough time to lay out the uvs properly to get good looking results. One thing that we ran across which isn’t really a direct result of your script is that when you have lots of objects in the scene that are spread farther apart it spreads the pixels of the shadow map out so far that it loses all its detail, so we kept having to up the resolution, but it can only go so far before it takes forever to render and we lose the benefits of the rig. I know raytraced shadows for the skylights would solve that, but it seemed to take a long time to render as well. Is raytracing what you usually use for the skylight shadow method?


Script updated to v1.7 to encompass MR Shadow Maps. Download in first post.


If I am using Maya Software render I use depth maps… If I am using MR I will use Shadow Maps. I try to stay away from Raytraced Shadows at all cost due to the expense of rendering, the quality is much higher but you definitely wait for it in render time.

I completely get what you’re saying about the map size to scene scale ratio. Something I’ve found while working with Maya is that if you for one, work outside of the default ‘cm’ units things get funky. I’ve also noticed that if your scene gets too massive in scale where you’re beginning to work with huge numbers (ie, dynamics/lighting/rendering) shit starts to go awry.

An example of this is when a friend was working on some realtime environments for ICT a few years ago, he was trying to bake/render some Ambient Occlusion for the entire environment. He was getting pretty much no results and everything looked horrible. I mentioned to him to try and scale the scene down to a 1/4 of the size that it currently was (not that it was an option he could really utilize but to at least try and debug if it indeed WAS the scale of the scene geo). The second the scene came down in scale in proportion what Maya generally likes the AO rendered perfectly. Where does this come in with Shadow Maps/Depth Maps? I’ve noticed also that in large scenes your maps have to be scaled way up to encompass everything, … scaling down globally generally solves this.

Its a stupid hack to have to do it that way but it is the fastest work around to these types of issues that I’ve come across. It seems to solve many things at once as well…

Grab v1.7 when you have a moment and let me know if the MR Maps work, I threw the feature in but didn’t have time to fully test it… they SHOULD work though :slight_smile:


How does it works


I think it’s a great replacement for GIJoe (I’ve actually inherited a job that used that and am trying to replace it with Illuminati).
I have some trouble getting it to launch
I source it like so:
source “C:/DocumentsandSettings/Administrator/MyDocuments/maya/2008-x64/scripts/seths/illuminati/illuminati.mel”;
and get the error:
// Error: ill_sunLight $sunType;
// Error: Wrong number of arguments on call to ill_sunLight. //

I’ve extracted everything with the appropriate paths and am using 1.7.0



Hmm…Did you possibly use an old version? If so, did you delete the folder before you extracted? If not, delete the entire folder, re-extract it and close/reopen Maya.

Sounds silly but a lot of those global procs will stay within memory of Maya and need to be rehashed, especially if it is a new version. Try doing what I mentioned and give it another shot, it works fine here in Maya 7 and Maya 2008 where I am. Let me know if that helps at all…


Ah yes, that seems to have been the trouble.
We have a shared directory for scripts and plugins, so there’s nothing missing during network rendering time. There was an older version there, and it messed up the script since I would only source the main script and not all its other components, which would be referenced off the network.
Seems to work fine now (although now I have to deal with the old subSurface trick done by Pixho).

Thanks again, and keep up the good work!



If there is no rig in the scene it SHOULD re-source all of the scripts, however the later versions introduced a few more scripts that were not in the old releases. If a rig exists and you source the main MEL file, rather than re-sourcing scripts it just loads the UI. Either way, glad it all worked out!


I download yur program and run ill_skySpots in mel script it didn’t apppear . can teach me step by step on to make ill_skySpots

thanks guys


unzip the archive to your scripts folder. Inside your scripts folder you’ll see \seths\illuminati\ …Inside there you will find a master script called illuminati.mel … Source illuminati.mel and You should be good to go. Resource that script to get the editor.

Check the first post, there is instructions outlined on exactly what to do.