I'll be out of town Aug 7 >> Aug 12


Vacation time for me and where I’ll be staying has no internet connections.

If there are any questions you need answered post them here and now.
I’ll be checking one last time Saturday evening.

I’m hoping that I’ll have plenty to critique when I return. :smiley:


I think I’m going to cry. Right after I finish mashing my head into the wall. :banghead: :cry:


A damn shame how this is turning out Kirt. If i knew animation i would gladly have tried to help some. Keep pushing… the day will come when all pieces say “click” and good things happen. :slight_smile:

~ Reinier


I agree. You can lead horses to water, you can make the water extremely tempting to horses, but you can’t make them drink. :frowning:


Now crying never fixed anything Kirt… I do however often get excellent results from mashing my head into the wall… Sorry Kirt, for the delay, people are like throwing money at me ATM so I’m a little distracted this week (and last week) I’m still committted to my shots and again, I apologise for the delay… I will continue my little mission with you guys asaic;)


its tough... real life gets in the way just like with our own personal projects... getting it done for siggraph was impossible from the outset just because of that... I know I offered my help and had the character been fully functional (from my point of view) I could have handled my shots that Daddymack is now doing... but after several issues cropped up and then one of my bosses at work being fired and me having to step up and take his role and still do my own work... Im swamped… I havent been able to barely touch a computer outside of work... real lifes a pain in the bottom sometimes... but sadly thats what help us survive and pay the rent... Im not saying you guys should give up, just know that it will take time and hopefully your team will bring everything together, just wish I could play a role in it :confused:


Rig issues or just overall aethetic issues? I’ve been monitoring the rigging thread on a regular basis and even posted back to Kirt in regards to whether people were having any problems at all with the rig itself… no responses so it was assumed on our part things were going ok.

Have there been any issues since then? Gotta communicate them with us if their have been :slight_smile:



Fully functional as in the rigging of the character is complete with no faults… being inexperienced in working in the industry, I dont know if Im expecting too much, if it were my own project I would make sure the rigging of the character was completely finished and functional before animating scenes. I didi post problems I was having and help and advice were given and that was all great :slight_smile: But as I said in my post my own work hit me like a brick… otherwise Id still be able to work on this project, and I feel grumpy (Id like to say a stronger word :slight_smile: ) that I don`t have the time.


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