IKEA Communications Is Hiring! 11th/Dec 2017


Here it is. Your chance to bring your innovative mind, 3D Backend and software technology skills to the most influential small town in the world.
Can you really reach out to the whole world, while working in a tranquil idyll in the middle of nowhere? In Älmhult you can. Älmhult, Sweden is home to IKEA Communications AB, aka ICOM. ICOM produces IKEA.com, which is visited around 1.6 billion times a year. We’re also behind the IKEA catalogue with a yearly circulation of around 220 million copies. On top of that, we churn out a ton of content for social media, not to mention motion media and 3D work so cutting edge that it makes the folks in California sit up and take notice. So what happens in Älmhult definitely doesn’t stay in Älmhult. It reaches practically every corner of the globe.

Now we’re hiring :

Please let me know if you have any questions via : AORUI.PU@IKEA.COM