IK Spine (For Autodesk Maya)


You see, I have done a rig in Autodesk Maya with someone guiding me to make it, and it looks like this:

Arms and have an IKFK function, now how do I create an IKFK setup with the rig I’ve made (Was taught to make this)? Someone from Maya’s Discord told me to use maya’s settings to let me use IKFK. Where is this?


If you select the ik locator there is an fk weight attribute, but is generally a bad idea to use that. Look around for 3 bone setup, one of the oldest explanations is here:
IK/FK Switching


Sorry. Those were typos on my part. Why is it use an fk attribute on an IK locator? That locator serves to control the rotation of the hand, in which it and the FK Locator are both oriented to the Hand Group.

What I was referring to ws the IKFK Torso and how to execute, Not the arms and Legs.