IK - Second rotation setup MGS V Animations


Hi there!
One of my buddies is working on Metal Gear Solid V animations format (MTAR) and he needs some help about IK so I’ll repost here what he told me on Discord and we really hope you’ll be able to help us!

Official tool thread

extracting horse anims
even without full IK setup it looks decent
but only from this side.


i will not be able to setup ik in blender
so i will just extract it, and leave IK setups to someone with maya knowledge


another test. added one more rotation
but still each leg has 2 more rotations. No idea how to use them. One of them is pole vector probably. whats another one?


i will extract pole vectors to some bones
if someone will be able to apply them, good
if not… lets say i did what i could
first we need to see where they point to

alright, 1st one for sure is pole vector for the knee
its always parallel to the line between thigh and feet bones

and its direction (green arrow) will point to where the knee should face
and on the back leg its pointing backwards as expected

i did my best to do the export,i can add more pole vector bones if needed (make extents like i did for human)
and if you have ideas how to apply the 2nd rotation (not extracted yet) let me know
right now you can set IK targets and main pole vectors for knees as i described with pictures above
after you do that, you can see feet problem remaining

this must not happen, because blender has no info how to solve this 4-bone chain.

Here are all infos I have.
Please let us know if you need any informations :wink:

Link of the tool + video tutorial:
Resources (tool + files)

How to use:
Make sure all files (fmdl_dictionary.txt, hrs0_main0_def.fmdl, TppHorse2_layers.mtar, hrs0_main0_def.smd) are in the exact same folder as the tool itself (mgs5_horse.exe).
Drag and drop TppHorse2_layers.mtar over mgs5_horse.exe and you should see all animations files extracted as SMD format.
Here is the official Blender tool for SMD format I we use:

Kojima Productions - original model/animation files (FMDL/MTAR)
ID-Daemon - Tool + explainations
TrikzMe - Model conversion + video tutorial

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile: