IK Joe for Softimage|XSI 3.5


Hi Everyone,

I’ve converted the IK JOE character to a XSI rig. For version 3.5.1.

UPDATED!! The upvectors weren’t working… new version here:

It’s compressed with winrar which you can download at http://www.rarlabs.com/ The file contains two files called:


The toolbar works only with Softimage|XSI 3.5.1 and above (work on both Windows and Linux). Some people reported problems with 3.5 and the ADDON. The rig works fins though in 3.5. But I recommend that you download the update and use 3.5.1 since it has a lot of fixes and a few new features.

** Installation **

1.) Install the addon called “IK_Joe_Toolbar.xsiaddon”. Go to File - Addon - install locate the file and just say OK to everything. This will install a toolbar and some extra features for keyframing and easy access to the sliders.

2.) Import the model File - Import - Model , and locate the file.

3.) make sure the CHLDCOMP button is turned off (on the right side of the XSI gui)


Happy animating!

best regards

stefan andersson


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