IK is not deforming all the bones?


Hey all, this is driving me nuts! I’m following a tutorial where a guy makes a chain of bones for a bendy-like arm. He simply assigns the IK handle to the root bone and last bone, then moves it and the bones all bend like a tentacle. When I try this and apply the IK handel to the root and end bone then move the IK handle, none of the bones deform like that, just stiffly rotates as if I was rotating the root bone?! Am I missing something here as I’ve gone over the tutorial and he doesn’t seem to do anything with the bones pre IK application?


This must be a bug as to get this to work I have to IK each bone and undo then redo IK from root to end? eventually it works though shouldn’t be like that?


Check to see if you have enabled ‘preferred angle’. When creating your joint structure, give it a slight ‘bend’ before applying the IK.