ik for landing gear....


AGH!!! ok… here’s the deal… i am trying to get my landing gear to work using ik… it works fine when i use the interactive ik… but… i don’t want to creat keyframes. i want to use a slider. which means using one of the solvers… but… everytime i try to use either hi or hd, i get the same crap… it won’t rotate properly if at all… what the heck am i doing wrong? i can rig characters no problem… but this??? grrr… someone please help me!!! ???

i am prepared to send the file (it’s small) so it could be done and then i could check out how it was done…) (that would be nice…)




heres a pic



and btw… i did look for something on this… but no joy… damn… come on people… HELP!!! PLEASE???


Hi crazycolin,

had the same problem, send me your file to my mailbox(file must be < 2MB), I’ll try to work it out this week or send you my solution back( with a little documentation about how and why, maybe).


Thanks Scrimski, the file is on it’s way…


Hello crazycolin,

just got the file today, will have a look today and send it back in the next days( If I can solve it). Sorry for the delay, but the company I’m working for moved into a new office and it’ quite a mess around here(my computer “died” at last). :hmm:





you got mail.


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